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Rob Miller | September 1, 2016
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Have you shopped around for a fat burner or weight loss supplement lately?

If so, you know that there is a frustrating assortment of competing products out there.

In the end, there are a relatively small number of fat burning ingredients, though, so it’s really just a matter of picking which supplement has the best combination.

But that can be very difficult because so many supplement companies hide behind proprietary formulas, you don’t even know what’s in it or how much.

Well, that’s what’s different about JYM Supplement Science.

They believe in full disclosure so you know just what you’re getting and how it works.

In fact, when you reach out to JYM for customer service the company website very proudly tells you that you know exactly who you’ll be dealing with: Dr. Jim Stoppani.

If you’ve ever done any research online on any fitness or nutrition topic, you’re likely familiar with Stoppani.

The man is a renowned expert and the JYM line of supplements represents the results of his experience.

Shred JYM is their fat burning and weight loss offering.

The claim is that when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise, you’ll see the fat come off, whether it’s for competition, those last few pounds, or whatever your goal is.

So lets take a closer look at what goes into Shred JYM and how the product works.

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Shred JYM Ingredients and How They Work

The Shred JYM formula feature 6 ingredients at fairly large, but well-tested dosages.

They are:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (1.5 grams) to transport fat to the mitochondria where it’s burned as energy.

    This particular form of carnitine has the added benefit of containing acetyle groups which enter the brain and improve cognitive function, mood and energy.

  • Green Tea Extract (500 mg) to increase your metabolic rate which burns more calories and fat.

    Specifically, green tea extract contains large quantities of a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which prevents the breakdown of norepinephrine.

    Among it’s many important functions, norepinephrine keeps your metabolism fast and especially increases fat burn.

  • Caffeine (200 mg) to release fat from you fat cells so it can be burned as fuel.

    Studies have also shown that caffeine increases your metabolism as a whole and total calories burned.

    Caffeine helps with fat lose by suppressing appetite, as well.

    Everyone’s favorite stimulant will also increase energy and brain functions, too.

  • L-Tyrosine (500 mg) works in conjunction with caffeine to increase alertness, energy, focus and mood.

    Primarily, this boost is a result of the increased levels of dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine that tyrosine causes.

    Each of these neurotransmitters work toward improving your brain function and mood.

    As far as weight loss goes, tyrosine also impacts the concentration of thyroid hormones which in turn speed up your metabolism.

  • Capsimax (50 mg) is a patented form of capsaicin – the substance that makes hot peppers hot.

    Capsaicin has been shown through numerous trials to both suppress appetite and increase metabolism.

    The issue is that many people cannot tolerate the heat associated with the substance.

    To get around this, the makers of Capsimax has created small capsules that each contain huge amounts of capsaicin.

    These tiny pods pass through your mouth, throat and stomach without touching your taste buds and are finally released in your intestines.

    This specialized delivery method not only gives you a larger-than-normal dose of capsaicin, but does so without any heat.

  • Advantra Z (20 mg) is a patented form of the popular weight loss supplement synephrine – an extract of bitter orange.

    Chemically related to the infamous ephedrine, synephrine is slightly less potent but also less risky.

    This patented form of the substance delivers it in a safe, effective dose that can be readily absorbed.

    Numerous studies have shown the synephrine is a powerful stimulant, fat burner and appetite suppressant.

These ingredients are designed to all work together in three distinct stages that ultimately contribute in improved body composition.

Essentially, the blend of ingredients force fat to migrate out of your fat cells and into your mitochondria, where it can be burned for fuel.

Once it’s there, the ingredients in Shred JYM increase your metabolism and not only destroy the fat, but use it to produce energy that improves your athletic performance.

Something especially interesting about Shred JYM is that the serving size is an enormous four pills.

While this may not seem like a great feature at first, it is designed that way to make sure that you are getting effective dosages of each ingredient.

Very often, supplements tout a long list of thoroughly studies ingredients to quickly gain your confidence.

To cut costs however, these ingredients exist in ridiculously small dosages and as therefore incapable of producing the desired results.

Most of the time, companies will use proprietary blends to get around this since this legal loophole means that they do not have to disclose all of the ingredient’s names or quantities.

As part of their company policy, JYM does not use proprietary blends and is very transparent when it comes to their ingredients.

So, while throwing back four pills might seem like a hassle, you can be sure that those pills are actually going to do what they promise.

My Personal Test Results

shred jym reviewI decided to try Shred JYM for one week just to get a gauge on how effective of a fat burner it might be.

I really only need to lose like 10 lbs. to reach my “fighting weight”, but figured it could possibly work well as a pre workout as well.

These are my findings:

Energy:  You can definitely feel a kick off of Shred JYM, especially with a 4 capsule dose on an empty stomach.

The energy boost seems to last a few hours and then starts to wear off, which is probably the reason why they recommend you take it 2 – 3 times per day.

Focus:  I did feel an increase in focus / concentration, especially during my workouts.

But it wasn’t anything more then a potent caffeine pill might do.

Appetite Suppressant:  The one huge thing I noticed was that my appetite was way less then normal, which I can attribute to the cayenne pepper.

Side Effects:  The only side effect I noticed was a little bit of insomnia if I took it too late in the day.

They recommend you don’t take any 6 hours prior to bedtime, and I recommend you heed that warning.

That said, Shred JYM contains about 500 mg of green tea extract, which may be a problem for some if they decide to take it on an empty stomach.

Weight Loss:  After about a week I noticed I had lost about 3 lbs., but I’m not sure if it was water weight or fat.

I definitely looked “leaner”, and fit into board shorts that I haven’t fit into in a couple of years.

Shred JYM Pros and Cons

Advantages of Shred JYM

  • It uses 3-Stage fat loss plan so your fat comes off most efficiently.

  • The Shred JYM reviews are very positive.

  • It’s less expensive than most JYM products.

  • JYM is a highly reputable company.

Disadvantages of Shred JYM

  • There’s no money back guarantee.

  • 8 capsules per day is an inconvenient dosage size.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Shred JYM through

The 240-count bottle will last for 30 days, and costs about $35. Compared to most other supplements in the weight loss, fat burning class this is relatively inexpensive.

Outside of that, I haven’t been able to find Shred JYM for sale.

Even the link of JYM’s company website brings you to

This isn’t necessarily anything to be worried about, though. is a reputable store that generally has decent prices and Stoppani has been associated with them for a long time.


The majority of reviews on Shred JYM are positive, with customers saying that it helped them to lose weight quickly and increased their energy.

As with any supplement, it seems like there are some non-responders out there who saw no benefits, but Shred appears to work for most people.

Very few user reported any negative side effects from taking Shred JYM.

Those that did have complaints, seemed to have encountered the issues one would normally expect from this type of supplement.

Namely, skin flushing, increased body temperature, jitters and stomach discomfort.


In general, JYM is an excellent line of products created by a highly respected fitness and nutrition expert.

The company as a whole practices a refreshing degree of honesty and the ingredients included in Shred have been tested in both the lab and the real world.

As a whole this lends considerable credibility to Shred JYM.

Looking more closely at the Shred formula, it’s actually pretty standard.

What really makes this product unique, though, is that the unusually large serving size that make sure you’re getting dosages that will actually work.

The inclusion of designer forms of capsaicin and synephrine is also an interesting choice.

While Capsimax could cut down on any unpleasant side effects associated with large capsaicin doses, the information is a little vague regarding Advantra Z and what makes it so special.

This is necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not convinced that it’s totally needed either.

The major downside that keeps coming up in my research into this product is the serving size.

Many people complain that it is simply difficult to take 8 to 12 pills every day.

On the other hand, if the product works well for you it’s really not a terrible trade-off.

Would you rather take two pills that do nothing or 12 that do exactly what you expected?

Ultimately, I see no reason not to give Shred JYM a try if you’re looking for a boost to your weight loss goals.

In addition to helping you lose fat, several of the substances found in the supplement can help to improve your energy and mood which can always be helpful.

Even though there is nothing really new or surprising in the ingredients list, that’s probably not a bad thing.

The stuff packed into that handful of pills has been proven to work time and again.

On top of that, Shred JYM is cheaper than many competitors.

Have You Used Shred JYM?

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Hi i haven't used this product but is highly recommended by my friends in weight loss , before i start using my question is im a diabetic patient n im taking 3 types of tablets to control my sugar level , could you please let me if i can use these along with my diabetes tablet and will there be any side effect . -

Whenever you have a medical condition and/or take prescription medication, you need to consult with your prescribing doctor about any potential interactions.- Rob

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Can I take a testosterone booster with Pre Jym and Shred Jym? -

A testosterone booster is a great addition to this stack.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Hi , I've seen you recommend Instant Knockout for fat burners and after two months of using it , I'm pretty happy with the energy and fat loss. However , it isn't doing much for my appetite. Do you have any recommendations that are similar to Instant Knockout but have better appettite suppresing ingredients? -

It's the stimulants in fat burners that suppress appetite. It sounds like you've developed a bit of a tolerance to Instant Knockout. I'd switch things up for a while and go with Phen375 instead.- Rob

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Hii everyone this is Anvesh when I start doing my workout I really do very hard workout and reduce weight within 2months usually I Vl do workout with fat burners I tried so many if I stopped doing workout I Vl put on weight verry easily within 1month again am planning to start suggest me which fat burner I should use R I should not use -

Once you lose the weight, if you don't continue to watch your diet and exercise you will always put the weight back on.  With that said, check out Instant Knockout. It's my number one choice in fat burners.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Hi, the recommended does is 4 pills 3xday, is this also a dose one would follow as a woman 5'4 135lb ? seems odd that a small person would take the same dose as a 6' 200lb male, please comment:) -

It's the same with most supplements and over-the-counter pills.  Think of ibuprofen 200 mg pills. The recommended dose for adults is 2 pills every 4-6 hours. They don't distinguish between larger and smaller adults.  That said, as you get accustomed to taking it, you can adjust it for your needs, staying in the ballpark of the recommended dose.- Rob

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