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By: Rob Miller
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Note:  This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the official Lumonol website.

Cognitive enhancement is taking the supplement world by storm. Ever since Bradley Cooper killed it in the stock market and wrote an entire book in a night, millions are on a quest for that illusive “Limitless” pill.

Who wouldn’t want something that could increase productivity and seemingly turn you from a man of normal intelligence to a titan of industry and perfect specimen of intellect overnight?

The truth is that movie is fiction. But it’s also true that there are substances that can help you think more clearly, focus more intently, and remember more vividly. They’re called nootropics, and you’ll find them in supplements and stacks designed to help you achieve higher brain function.

Lumonol is a ready made nootropic stack supplement made by a company called Avanse Nutraceuticals. First we’ll talk a bit about nootropics in general. Then we’ll look specifically at Lumonol to see if it lives up to everyone’s very high expectations.

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What Are Nootropics?

You’re probably familiar with Adderall, the drug prescribed by doctors to their ADD/ADHD patients. In the simplest terms, it’s a stimulant with additional benefits of calming your mind and increasing your focus so you can pay more attention, think more clearly, and remember things better and longer. For years now, people without ADHD have been using Adderall off-label to get those same benefits so they can be more productive at school or work.

Nootropics are natural substances, available over-the-counter, that can mimic the effects of Adderall and other ADHD drugs. So instead of buying and using Adderall illegally, you can go with over-the-counter nootropics and get similar results without the hassle and entanglements that come with trying to get your hands on prescription drugs.

You can buy nootropic powders and experiment to find a stack that works best for you. Lots of folks have great success with this method. But it does take a lot of time and attention to research all the potential benefits and drawback of each ingredient. Another way to go is by purchasing a ready made formula in pill form. That’s what Lumonol is.

Lumonol Benefits

The promise of Lumonol is that your brain will be firing on all cylinders. You’ll see:

  • Enhanced focus and concentration.
  • Boosted memory.
  • Optimized overall mental performance.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Decreased anxiety and mental fatigue.

Lumonol Ingredients and How They Work

The backbone of any supplement is of course its formula. In order to be effective, it has to put all the right pieces together to achieve that goal. In the case of Lumonol, those pieces are divided up into the 3 separate functions they perform:

The Memory Blend totals 285mg and contains:

  • Noopept which is really the backbone of the whole formula. It was first used to improve the memory of Altzheimer’s patients but has also been found to help those without degenerative disease. It works through improvements in the AMPA and NMDA brain receptors responsible for learning and increasing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine for learning and memory.
  • Ginkgo Biloba which clears toxins and waste through increased blood flow. It also enhances dopamine production for increased mood. It does this by blocking MAO production which itself blocks dopamine release.
  • Panax Ginseng which improves memory and recall through increasing the function of 20 different glands throughout the body.
  • CDP Choline (aka Citicholine) which is necessary for the proper and full functioning of the brain’s neurotransmitters. You can get it from food, but it is not generally abundant in the average American diet. (Some of the best sources are liver and dark green veggies so it’s no wonder.)

The Focus blend totals 500mg and contains:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine which crosses the blood brain barrier and joins forces with choline to form acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter essential for all kinds of mental activity.
  • L-Tyrosine which complements all the other nootropic ingredients centered on focus by increasing neurotransmitter production. It also reduces stress chemicals in the brain, allowing a more relaxed focus on the task at hand.
  • Phosphatidylserine which is a popular nootropic substance for its ability to directly increase focus through an increased rate of glucose metabolism. Since glucose provides cognitive energy, the brain has an increased capacity for focus and concentration.

The Energy Blend totals 375mg and contains:

  • Guarana which is an all natural source of caffeine and other energizing compounds that produce alertness, confidence, and even an increase in metabolism.
  • Hordenine which increases dopamine by blocking Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) which otherwise breaks it down. That dopamine increase keeps mood and motivation up.
  • Picamilon which creates a sense of calm alertness. By facilitating the crossing of the blood brain barrier, it improves the functionality of each of the other ingredients. In Europe, Picamilon is only available with a prescription.
  • Vitamin B12 which provides lasting energy and fights general fatigue. The particular type of B12 used in Lumonol (Methyl B12) provides protection against neurotoxicity and reduces brain fog.

Click here for a picture of the label.

How To Use Lumonol

It’s recommended that you start out with a reduced dose of one capsule in the morning to assess your tolerance and mitigate any potential side effects. You would follow this protocol for one to a few days, leading up to the regular dose of 2 capsules. You can take it with a meal if you choose, but it’s best not to take Lumonol too close to bedtime as you may have difficulty falling asleep.

Lumonol should be cycled using a 90 days on, 15-30 days off schedule to maintain effectiveness by managing tolerance.

The Lumonol Website

The official Lumonol website is extremely dense with information. There are pages devoted to nootropics in general, to the specific ingredients in Lumonol itself, to FAQs, to testimonials, to ordering, and to other Lumonol products.

  • Lumonol Nova is devoted more to energy, mood and motivation and is based on a caffeine/theanine stack.
  • Lumonol Luna is about getting a good night’s sleep and all the benefits to cognition, weight loss, and overall health that come along with it.

Lumonol Side Effects

According to Lumonol themselves, you get all the cognitive benefits without any of the side effects. But there are a few things we think you should be aware of. Certainly, no supplement can claim to be side effect-free for everyone. You may react negatively to the caffeine content for instance. That’s why they recommend you start with a half dose.

With that said, Lumonol is generally safe for most users and I didn’t notice any side effects whatsoever from taking it. (more below)

My Personal Results

lumonol reviewAt the request of one of my visitors, I ordered a bottle of Lumonol to try out personally. The visitor who asked that I try it had previously been taking Adderall for a couple of years, but decided to come off of it and go the “all natural” route.

She sounded pretty optimistic that I would like it, saying that “these pills gave me back my motivation, enthusiasm, energy, focus, and confidence”.

As soon as I heard that, I knew I had to try it.

I tried 2 pills for the first time on Thursday, and I have to say I was VERY impressed.  It started to work really quick, and I could feel it’s initial effects kick in within about 20 min.

The best way I can describe it is…you know the feeling of “the fog being lifted” from your head after you’ve had that first cup of coffee / tea / latte / whatever it is you drink first thing in the morning??

Well, it was just like that, but MUCH more pronounced.  It wasn’t like a sudden moment of clarity or anything, but it felt more like as the minutes ticked by I was getting more amped to get things done.

I’m not saying it got me amped like a Adderall or Vyvanse pill would, but I could feel the motivation surging much more then if I was just drinking a cup of coffee.

One thing I could tell that it has a good amount of Guarana Extract in it, because I could literally taste it on my tongue.  It’s a weird aftertaste-like effect that almost has a coffee flavor to it.  Sometimes that leaves me with a feeling of dry-mouth, but that wasn’t the case this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink alcohol when taking this?

Not recommended.  While there probably wouldn’t be any particular interactions with the ingredients in Lumonol, alcohol CAN and WILL affect your focus and concentration on it’s own.

Do they have a free trial available?

Not that I’m aware of.  They do have a “rewards” membership program which entitles you to earn money when you place an order, get exclusive coupons and discounts, and even earn money by referring your friends.

How do I take it?

The directions on the label state that you should take 2 capsules of Lumonol on an empty stomach to get the best results.

Lumonol Pros and Cons

Advantages of Lumonol

  • Works GREAT for helping you get stuff done.
  • Doesn’t come on too strong.
  • No side effects for me. (insomnia, anxiety, etc.)
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • The formula covers a lot of the bases you’re looking for in nootropics.
  • There are lots of positive testimonials on the Lumonol website.

Disadvantages of Lumonol

  • It’s a bit on the expensive side.
  • It’s not available in stores.

Where to Buy

Lumonol is only available through their official website, A single bottle contains a thirty day supply of 60 capsules and costs $59.97. Like most online supplements, you’ll save money if you buy in bulk. For instance, you can buy three bottles for $119.97, which means you’re only paying $40 per bottle.

Lumonol offers a 90 day money back guarantee that applies to one used bottle and all unopened bottles that you return.

As far as I can tell it’s not available in stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Walgreens / CVS, or even Amazon.


All in all, I have to say Lumonol works quite well.  Is it better than Optimind?  I’m a bit torn on that one.  The first time I used Optimind my experience was MUCH more dramatic than it was with Lumonol.

Personally speaking, I think if you’re looking for something more “short-term” then Lumonol is the way to go.  If you’re looking for something to work in the long-run, then I would recommend either Optimind or Mind Lab Pro.

At the very least, you can get some great short term effects from Lumonol that will instill confidence, increase focus and hopefully help you create a better work output and boost productivity.

The only downside I would say is the price.  At $60 a bottle, it’s not cheap, at least compared to most other nootropic supplements.

Have You Used Lumonol? Leave Your Review Below!

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Other prescribed meds are taken that may be helping the memory loss. How will this work along these lines? 74 year old male. -Connie

Whenever you take prescription medications, you should check with your prescribing doctor before starting a new supplement. They'll be able to tell you if there are any contraindications.- Rob

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Exactly how much caffeine (in mg) is there in a daily dose of Lumonol? -Robert

The formula is proprietary so there's no telling exactly. Guarana is the caffeine source, and it's included in the 375 mg energy blend with 2 other ingredients if that helps.- Rob

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  1. What do you think of a lumonol and nitrovit mix? I tried lumonol by itself and it’s too much caffeine for me.

    But nitrovit by itself works fine for me. I just want the extra boost of lumonol without the crash.

    1. Hey Christopher,

      Boosting mood is one of the benefits, but the improvement in focus, energy, and memory are more pronounced. It’s definitely one of my top picks.

  2. What about Lumonol nonovaIt seems like a more advance version of Lumonol. I’ve seen alot of mixed reviews on it for beginners, and how it causes major headaches.

    Im trying to cram for my asvab.

    Is Lumonol nova right for me?
  3. I bought Luminol for myself and my college age kids, because of the high reviews here and all over the web. All three of us experienced racing heart and palpitations.

    Is there a great memory/anti anxiety nootropic that doesn’t cause that?? Thanks!
  4. Trying to cancel cogniflex order #149992
    I can’t see see anywhere to cancel my order on the site. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hey Austin,
      We don’t actually sell Cogniflex, we just reviewed it. Here’s their phone number: 800-767-4440

  5. Hey Denise,
    Not sure to be honest. I would ask you’re doctor, just show him or her the label.

    They’ll be able to tell you if Lumonol is safe for you to take.
    1. Hey Rich,

      I haven’t ever tried Waklert 150, but from my understanding, it works similarly to Modafinil, giving clear headed energy.

  6. How does ‘SuperBrain’ stack up against other Nootropics?

    There is this big thing online…and their website:

    that this was compared to be the closest to: the:”Limitless” Pill

    Please advise… At this time, I still take OptiMind but wanted
    to know if this was a good switch ==> SuperBrain or not?

  7. Do not believe the hype about lumonol. The company name is called AV HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS WANCHAI HKG” and they are based out of Hong Kong.

    They pretend to be an American company and their refund policy is for unopened bottles of product. They do not give you your money back if you find the product does not work.

    They publish fake reviews of their product on websites they own. Stay away from these guys, or don’t and be out $100.

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