N-O Sanguenol Review: Does It Really Work As Well As They Claim?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-16-2023

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N-O Sanguenol Overview

If you know me, you know I’ve tried countless erection pills (literally hundreds). To serve my readers, it’s important that I stay on the cutting edge of the erectile dysfunction market.

So every now and then (almost every day!) I get blindsided by some interesting advertising. It’s usually digital, but I’ve been getting more and more penis pill ads in the mail, including Evoxa, Wachsen Riesig, and Eroxin, to name just a few.

Yeah, snail mail.


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(It’s awkward, especially when I open and read ‘em right there in the mailroom).

We’re talking flyers and brochures, postcard mailers and you name it. If it’s got a Moby Dick on it, I guess they know to send it my way.

Anyhow, this time I had the extreme pleasure to read about “top secret” N-O Sanguenol.

n-o sanguenol flyer cover

This particular 29 page catalog (you can see the full flyer here) tried to sell me on a new product that can… well, read for yourself… you can’t make this stuff up:

no sanguenol flyer

N-O Sanguenol claims that it is a safe, effective, and better alternative to Viagra.

But we all know this isn’t my first rodeo. I can sniff out bold claims and bogus promises a mile away. And I expose products that don’t stack up almost on a daily basis.

So in this review we’re going to unpack N-O Sanguenol. What exactly is it? If it’s truly as powerful as they say — and if it can really transform your penis “From wimp to WHOA!” then we’re going to find out here, right now. My gut tells me it’s B.S. But hang on tight, we’re going to dive right in…

What is N-O Sanguenol?

N-O Sanguenol sex pills are manufactured by a company called North American Nutra, based out of Scarborough Maine.

The company sells products (well, exactly one product) for each of the following categories: Cardiovascular, antioxidant, circulation, anti-aging, and longevity.

And for bonus points, which category do you think the penis pills N-O Sanguenol fall into?

If you said “circulation,” give yourself 5 stars!

Circulation is the very foundation on which this company builds this product. And really, poor circulation and blood flow down there is the #1 enemy of men who suffer with ED.

So products like this one come along, claiming they can boost circulation and blood flow so you can experience the biggest and best erections of your life.

And they do it with… NITRIC OXIDE!

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2019/03/the benefits of nitric oxide according to n o
The benefits of nitric oxide.

We’ll discuss this essential amino acid in just a bit. But for now, just know that nitric oxide actually has been shown to help treat erectile dysfunction by relaxing the “cavernous smooth muscles” in the penis. (Source)

And the makers of this product claim this, throughout the entire brochure. They say no matter what, a penis pill will NEVER work if it doesn’t increase nitric oxide for blood flow.

N-O Sangueline claims to open blood vessels by upwards of 62%! It also promises to increase nitric oxide levels by 99%. All while blasting the popular amino acid L-Arginine (A go-to ingredient in MOST erectile dysfunction pills).

l arginine flushed down the toilet

They say we piss the L-Arginine away (60% of it, in fact) before it ever has a fighting chance to give us a boner. Now that’s a topic for a whole other article, we’ll let it slide for now.

Now, before we move on, I have to say a couple of things about this product. First, you have to tip your hat to the company for writing a whole damn book (29 pages!) to sell their product. And second, they don’t promise you the world and a bigger cock if you take their pills.

That’s honestly a breath of fresh air…

I was 100% expecting this all-too-common penis enlargement promise. Of course, I didn’t read every page with a fine-tooth comb, so they could have slipped it in there somewhere. But at least it’s not the main value proposition of N-O Sanguenol. Phew!

(Remember folks, NO erectile dysfunction pill exists that can increase the size of your penis. It’s unfortunately NOT a thing. You cannot gain permanent penis size with a pill).

Moving right along…

A Clinical Look at N-O Sanguenol / Ingredients

So what are these ingredients that can supposedly stimulate N-O production like never before? Well, as far as I can tell, N-O Sanguenol contains only TWO ingredients. And they are:

  • 80mg of L-Glutathione


  • L-Citrulline

Now, we know what the makers of the product believe these ingredients can do… but what does the science say about these two ingredients?

One study suggests that L-Glutathione (GSH) does in fact help with Nitric Oxide synthesis. And put negatively, the study states that “A GSH depletion can lead to a reduction of NO synthesis, thus impairing vasodilation in the corpora cavernosa.” (Source)

Another study on L-Glutathione claims that it is “the most important cell antioxidant and is also an essential cofactor for nitric oxide (NO) synthase that synthesizes NO from L-arginine.” (Source)

So there you have it, this ingredient actually does help with N-O synthesis in the human body. And as we know, N-O is the very building blocks of a killer erection.

how no sanguenol works

Onto the next ingredient… L-Citrulline. Let’s have a look at the science.

Sure enough, while the science is still lacking, there is a certain “rationale” that L-Citrulline can help give men harder erections. One study tested how this ingredient improves “erection hardness in patients with mild erectile dysfunction (ED).”

Here’s what they found: 

L-arginine supplementation improves nitric oxide-mediated vasodilation and endothelial function; however, oral administration has been hampered by extensive presystemic metabolism. In contrast, L-citrulline escapes presystemic metabolism and is converted to L-arginine, thus setting the rationale for oral L-citrulline supplementation as a donor for the L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway of penile erection. (Source)

And according to HealthLine, this amino acid (L-Citrulline) helps to improve blood flow to the penis. It does so by “creating nitric oxide (NO), a gas that helps dilate blood vessels. (Source)

That same Healthline article says that L-Citrulline has been shown to “decrease symptoms of mild ED and improve the ability to maintain an erection.”

Although they admit there haven’t been any studies that validate the efficacy of L-Citrulline in serious (moderate to severe) cases of ED.  (Source)

What’s interesting is that the N-O Sanguenol product rails against L-Arginine in their brochure.

They say it’s FAR from effective.

But L-Citrulline is converted to L-Arginine, and these studies suggest that it’s actually the L-Arginine that helps with blood flow and better erections! Go figure!

Anyhow, other than these two main ingredients, the formula contains a trademarked ‘Spectra’ of 100mgs that contains the following:

full ingredients list for no sanguenol

Adults are to take 2 capsules daily at mealtime.

In the end, the ingredients that are found in the N-O Sanguenol seem to be fairly effective at helping men who suffer with ED.

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Who is Dr. Allen H. Green?

Dr. Allen H. Green is the fellow at the helm of the company.

His photo is all over the brochure, you know, to give it that legitimate doctor-approved feel.

dr allen h green - no sanguenol

If you’re curious about Dr. Allen H. Green, you’re not the first. I found him on a quick Google search. Which, I have to say, is pretty unusual. Typically companies that seem scum-baggy completely make up Dr. names and simply include a stock image of a wannabe doctor. Not these guys.

Well, I’m not sure the REAL Dr. Green heads this company… but a Dr. Allen H. Green does actually exist.

He went to medical school (a few times over), and has quite the “inpressive” resume… (typo intended). Have a look!

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2019/03/typos

Below is Allen H. Green’s bio according to the company that makes the product…

“Allen Green, M.D. has over 20 years of experience in integrative healthcare settings. He is passionate and dedicated to advancing integrative medicine through education for healthcare professionals as well as the general public.

He is a Board Certified Family Physician and is currently in private practice at the Center for Optimum Health in Los Angeles, CA where he specializes in combining conventional medicine with natural, nutritional and herbal therapies.”

Who Makes N-O Sanguenol?

North American Nutra makes the N-O Sanguenol product.

north american nutra makes no sanguenol

The company actually seems fairly reputable, at least from what I can gather perusing their website.

They include a page on testimonials, but there’s no telling if they’re from real customers.

I couldn’t find any reviews online, other than their website. Of course, the reviews on the company’s own website are going to be glowing.

They seem to be located in Scarborough Maine…

Where to Buy N-O Sanguenol?

As far as I can tell, you can only purchase the product through the company’s official site. And, of course, through their brochure if you happen to be a lucky recipient.

The price of the product is $39.99 for 60-capsules, which is a 30-day supply.

no sanguenol pricing

But here’s the thing. If you buy it through their brochure, you get a FREE bottle. Well, kind of. Sure, they say it’s free, but you’ll end up paying BIG TIME because they put you on a recurring auto-ship program. That means your card will be hit each and every month.

Indeed, this is a tell-tale sign of a scam product. Often it’s nearly impossible to rectify the situation and get OFF of their recurring list. I see it happen all the time. So beware!


I don’t really trust this product, but it might actually work. Overall, the website does seem a little thrown together… what you’d typically see from companies that almost strictly market their supplement through snail mail.

That’s not to say that this product and company are definitely out to scam you. But it would be nice if they provided a lot more info related to the product and how it works.

The ingredients in N-O Sanguenol seem fairly decent. And from what I can tell, the product might actually help to increase blood flow to the penis for better erections. But there’s no way of knowing until you try.

That is, after all, the basis for a good male sexual enhancer and is what you can expect from the best of the best male enhancement supplements.

From all accounts, it works to stimulate nitric oxide levels, so be sure to not take it with medications that interfere with nitrate related drugs.

Finally, the price isn’t too bad… especially if they work.

I may try it out myself soon, so be sure to come back and check on this review in the future.

Have you tried N-O Sanguenol? If so, leave your review below!

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