Rob Miller Last Updated: August 31, 2018

Update (8-31-2018): We’re looking for one health volunteer to test out IT Works Fat Fighter! The product will be provided free of charge, all we ask for is a detailed review of your personal results.Read More

Rob Miller Last Updated: April 5, 2018

Contents People have been trying to lose weight for all of modern times, and lately you can’t swing a cat without hitting a new cleanse designed to help rid your body of toxins andRead More

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Garcinia Life Plus Overview Ever since Dr. Oz talked about it on his show, Garcinia Cambogia has been the hottest weight loss ingredient out there.Even the criticism Dr. Oz has since taken for beingRead More

Rob Miller Last Updated: April 5, 2018

Belly Blaster Overview There are several things to look for when you’re choosing a supplement to help you lose weight, several aspects to consider.There are supplements that help boost your metabolism and burn fat.Read More

Rob Miller Last Updated: May 2, 2018

Lean Muscle X is something of a hybrid supplement.  It claims to help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and improve your sexual performance.  The primary focus is muscle building, though Lean Muscle XRead More

Rob Miller Last Updated: May 2, 2018

Dopalean GH Overview If you’ve spent any time trying to find a weight loss pill that doesn’t contain stimulants, you know it’s almost like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.It’s simplyRead More

Rob Miller Last Updated: June 19, 2013

TestoRipped Overview TestoRipped claims to be the diet pill for men that does it all.This little blue pill works as a massive lean muscle builder and pre-workout energy amplifier.  It accelerates fat loss, superchargesRead More

Rob Miller Last Updated: May 2, 2018

Avesil is a weight loss supplement available on the internet, and it is marketed as a breakthrough product that will help you lose 3 times as much weight as other leading weight loss aids. Read More

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Liporexall Overview There are so many fat burning and weight loss supplements on the market today.  If one is going to get noticed and rise above the rest, it has to be something prettyRead More

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Proactol Plus Review Distributed By: GRT Net Services, Inc. 1204 NE 8th Street Gresham, OR 97030 I finally got around to trying out a unique natural fat binder called Proactol Plus, and I gottaRead More

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We here at come across alot of different products, and weight loss / fat burners are no exception.  When we first heard about Lipofuze, we though that it was just another phentamine typeRead More