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Losing fat can be an uphill battle.Whether it’s for your upcoming competition, a day at the beach, or simply because you wanna drop those extra pounds that always seem to latch on over theRead More

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Legion Forge Overview With the workout supplement world so overcrowded with choices, some manufacturers have decided to enter into little micro-niches where they can corner a small-ish market and become the standout leader inRead More

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Shredz Burner Overview For some guys, finding the right fat burner can be like finding the holy grail.When it’s time to shred, you want something that really gets you lean and ripped.That’s why itRead More

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Natural Max Garcinia Overview I’ve been hearing a lot lately about Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss.It first came to prominence a few years back when Dr. Oz touted it as the greatest thing toRead More

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Slimera Overview We’ve all heard about Garcinia Cambogia.It’s that magic weight loss fruit Dr. Oz talked so much about a few years back.Since then, even though Dr. Oz recommendations have fallen out of favorRead More

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Garcinia Life Plus Overview Ever since Dr. Oz talked about it on his show, Garcinia Cambogia has been the hottest weight loss ingredient out there.Even the criticism Dr. Oz has since taken for beingRead More

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Phentaslim Overview The advertising for supplements can be pretty over the top, that’s for sure.But I have to say, the weight loss supplements take the cake.At least the bodybuilding ones admit you have toRead More

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Vexxum Overview Pro Supps is a brand that’s been making a name for itself with the stimulant-loving pre workout crowd with their 2 products – Jekyll and Hyde.But they also offer a fat burnerRead More

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Myokem Pyroxamine Overview Pyroxamine is the thermogenic supplement offered by Myokem, a company formed in 2014 to bring to market unique and revolutionary workout and fitness supplements and fill what they see as aRead More

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Katana V3 Overview Komodo Neutraceuticals is a company that makes bodybuilding supplements for people who want to know what they’re putting in their body and who only want the best ingredients at clinical doses.TheirRead More

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We’ve all been preached to by doctors and dieticians for decades that the key to successful weight loss is a lifestyle change including a healthy diet and rigorous exercise. This is true for theRead More

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Belly Trim XP Overview Belly Trim XP works on the principle that you can use fat to fight fat – two “super fats” in particular.In fact, Belly Trim XP doesn’t even contain stimulants, whichRead More

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BioTrust Metabo379 Overview Pretty frequently, I get asked about non-stimulant fat burning supplements, and it’s always a tough question to answer because there aren’t very many effective choices out there in this category.Almost byRead More

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I was reading through some of the comments left on my site the other say and noticed someone had asked if anyone had tried out a supplement called Alpha Rush Pro. It seems thatRead More

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Leanmode Review Contents Have You Used Evlution Nutrition LeanMode?Leave Your Review Below! Top 3 Fat BurnersAffiliate Disclosure #1 Rated – Instant Knockout Instant Knockout is actually a new fat burning supplement I just cameRead More

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RSP Nutrition Quadralean Overview We come across a lot of different kinds of supplements around here, but one category we rarely see is the stimulant-free fat burner or weight loss supplement.That’s because generally, fatRead More

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iSatori MX-LS7 Overview iSatori MX-LS7 is a high performance fat burner from iSatori.By most accounts, this product is quite strong, and like most fat burners it works from some people and not for others.SoRead More

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Gaspari Nutrition Detonate XT Overview Gaspari Nutrition Detonate XT is a fat burning supplement from Gaspari Nutrition that can easily double as a pre workout energy booster.In fact, that’s the way most customers useRead More

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Adipodex Overview Adipodex is fat burner made by Nutrex Research. Most of their fat burners are in their Lipo-6 line of products, but they’ve chosen to keep this new entry separate.Word on the streetRead More

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts Overview There are a few different kinds of fat burners out there.Some are made for and marketed to people on diets trying to lose weight.Others are made for bodybuildersRead More