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Losing weight never seems to be easy. It takes a very strict diet, proper exercise, and a focused mindset to stick with any diet program, and many seem to “fall off the wagon” when they don’t start seeing results. Sometimes it takes a supplement to help you get over your plateau, and once such supplement we had a chance to review is called Phen 375.

What is Phen 375?

Phen 375 is an all natural dietary supplement that helps to increase your bodies fat burning ability and stimulate your metabolism. It also acts as a potent appetite suppressant, which we all know is key if you’re looking to lose weight. The ingredients in Phen 375 include a blend of L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Capsaicin, and Sympathomimetic Amine, which is a potent stimulant tat helps you constantly burn fat by increasing your metabolism.

How Does Phen 375 Work?

phen375 reviewPhen 375 is essentially the legal version of Phentermine, which was a very effective but dangerous substance that used to be used to help people lose weight. Essentially what Phen375 does is “mimic” the effects of Phentermine through the use of the all natural ingredients listed above.

For example, the ingredient L-Carnitine has been shown in clinical studies to literally help to mimic the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that transport fatty acids through you’re metabolism. This helps to burn existing fat easier, while reducing the amount of muscle that is lost during the process.

In addition, the ingredient Capsaicin has been shown to increase your body’s temperature, which allows it to burn up to 270 more calories per day.

Phen 375 also works to:

  • Reduce Your Appetite Dramatically
  • Decrease Your Fat Storage
  • Increase Metabolism Dramatically

Here are a Few Reviews From Satisfied Customers pulled from the official Phen 375 website:

“I have tried practically every diet drug, pill, cream, and exercise routine you can possibly think of, all with very little results. I originally came across Phen 375 after talking with a physical trainer at my local gym who had recommended it to one of his clients.

After using it for about 4 months, I had dropped over 25 pounds, and felt like a million bucks. Now when I go to the gym or beach, I AM THE ONE WHO GETS THE GIRLS STARING AT ME. It’s great!.”
Bruce, Florida

ph.375 before and afterAfter my first pregnancy, I felt so fat and disgusting that I never wanted to show my face in public. I would spend hours in the gym, but it was practically useless because I would end up getting so hungry that I would just eat it all back.

I knew I needed something that would curb my appetite, while helping me burn the fat off and up my metabolism. My friend told me about PH.375, and after using it for 6 months, I had lost 43 pounds! I wish I had knew about this before, I would have been taking it the day after I gave birth to my son!”
Shelly, Chicago

“I, like alot of my friends, find out that I have no time to make it to the gym. I am so tired after work, after 3 hours of commuting and a 10 hour workday, the last thing I want to do is spend another 2 hours of whatever is left of my day at the gym.

Yes, I am proud to say that I was looking for an easy way out! PH.375 was great because I literally did not do anything except for follow the guide an I was losing 2 pounds of fat a week.My only gripe is the price, but for something that works this good, I would gladly pay triple!”
Todd, California

Where can I buy it?

As of this review, you can buy Phen 375 on their official website, A one month supply will run you about $70, plus shipping and handling, and includes online diet plans and training videos to help kick start your weight loss.

Of course, you can always sign up for my free “How To Lose Weight Quickly and Effectively” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help lead you on the right path.

My Recommendation

There’s no doubt about it, Phen 375 works!

I even ranked it #4 on my list of the best weight loss pills for women, and that was after evaluating dozens of them.

While I personally still think that Instant Knockout is more effective both in terms of results and quality, Phen375 is DEFINITELY one of my personal favorites. Is it a miracle pill? NO. Will you lose 20 lbs. in a week? NO.Can you eat whatever you want and still lose weight with it? NO.

However, It will definitely help kick your workouts into high gear, and help to reduce your overall calorie consumption, which is obviously VERY important while dieting. I recommend that should you decide to order Phen375 that you get AT LEAST a 2 months supply to get the best results.

Visit the official Phen 375 website here:

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Have you used this supplement?

By Tim L.,  Jun 6, 2017

I haven't lost any weight yet, but I've only taken it for a few days.

I will say this, it seems to work grate as an appetite suppressant.

I practically have to force myself to eat on this stuff lol.

Looking forward to the results ahead!

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Works Great!

By Cindy,  Aug 22, 2014

I've been taking Phen375 for 2 months now and I have to say it's working great! I've lost about 20 lbs so far, and I really like the energy boost it gives me.


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User Questions and Answers

Is this a once per day supplement? -kris

Take 2 pills once per day, before your first meal.- Rob

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Hi, I'm taking phen375 for a week. I lost 3-4 lb but started to have some side effects like itching/hives all over my body. Is this common? It not going away. Can I return the product (purchased for 2 months) -Irine

I haven't heard of this before, but everyone's different, and hives are generally an allergic reaction, so you could be allergic to something in it.  Phen75 has a return policy that depends on a case by case basis, so give them a call and see.- Rob

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When I take this product it affects my vision reading up close. Has this been reported before? Maybe is one of the ingredients. Also notice it affects kidneys. -Karmen

I haven't heard of either of these side effects with Phen375. But if this is what you're experiencing, you should discontinue use and see a doctor.- Rob

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Can I lose men boobs with phen375? -Noshaz

No product will enable you to spot reduce fat, but Phen375 along with the right diet and workout regimen will help you lose fat all over.- Rob

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Price in Pakistan? -murtaza khan

It looks like they don't ship to Pakistan.- Rob

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