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zyrexin review
Zyrexin Review
April 23, 2016 Male Enhancement
Zyrexin Review by Rob Miller 3/29/11
4.0 OUT OF 5
Rob recommends Zyrexin .
Average User Rating:
1.7 OUT OF 5

The guinea pig is back at it again, this time I decided to try Zyrexin all natural sexual stimulant.

This particular supplement calls itself the “worlds strongest sexual enhancer”, but does it really work.

Many of these pills, like zyrexin, contain harmful side effects and ingredients that you shouldn’t even give to a dog, but that’s not going to stop us.

I ordered this product last month and finally got around to trying it out personally.

Here is my personal review of zyrexin, in it’s truest form.

My Order of Zyrexin

This product, when compared to many others, is actually pretty cheap.

I ordered it on February 24, 2011 off of amazon, for the low low price of $29.

35.  I got a 2 weeks, which translates to 30 capsules, taken 2 times daily.

I usually don’t finish off the bottle, simply because I am too busy trying out other supplements, and this is the case with this one.

It took about a week to get my order, and I got it from a company called Superbalife International LLC, which i assume is the manufacturer.

In a discreet, plain marked envelope, I stepped away from my mailbox with a bit of confidence, thinking this might be the answer to my sexual dysfunction problems.

The Label

According to the label, Zyrexin contains yohimbe , which for those of you who don’t know, can actually be quite dangerous.

Apparently, yohimbe has been used for hundreds of years to treat erectile dysfunction issues, but has run into a couple of problems lately.

There have actually been men that have DIED from taking it!

Small problem.

Well, I consider myself a healthy 29 year old male, and since the world is going to end in 2012, what do i have to lose?

My Little Experiment (Results)

I popped my first pill in the morning, and started to feel the effects right around lunchtime.

For those of you who just joined this blog, note that I only take these pills on a full stomach, and often only take half the dosage so i know what I am getting myself into.

So lunchtime rolls around and I decide to run a little experiment with my “oh so gracious” girlfriend, who happily obliges.

We decide to get nitty and gritty, and before you know it, I have a hard on.

Now, let me explain the difference of this hard on.

I have tried alot of male enhancement products recently.

Some zyrexin reviewof them make me sick, some make me tired, and others make me restless.

But zyrexin actually made me feel very alert.

Not only that, but my stamina was through the roof!

My hard on was probably one of the biggest erections I have ever experienced, which may be the understatement of the century.

With little time to spare (girlfriends lunch is only 1 hour, “tick tock doc”), we got downright nasty, and it was a great, fun loving experience.

We spent a little time afterwards talking about it, and she said she could actually feel my penis throbbing inside of her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?


Because this supplement contains yohimbe, there is definitely the potential for side effects.

This includes increased blood pressure and heart rate, dizziness, headaches, nausea / vomiting, and fever like symptoms to name a few.

Your best bet to counter this is to take it on a full stomach and never take it late in the day, as yohimbe can also cause insomnia.

It should be noted though that if you don’t take it on an empty stomach, it will likely produce significantly less results.

Can I buy it in stores?


As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most popular male enhancement supplements sold in stores.

I checked with all the major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, Target, and Rite Aid, and practically all of them carry Zyrexin.

The average price for a 10 count bottle is around $18, so it also makes it one of the cheaper supplements available in this category.

How do I take it?

The instructions on the label say that you should take 2 tablets 30 – 45 min. prior to sexual activity.

Of course, I always recommend that you start with a low dose (1 capsule) on a full stomach to assess your tolerance.

Side effects tend to be more pronounced when you take things, like Zyrexin, on an empty stomach, so it’s best to start small.

Is it available in Canada, Australia, and the UK?

Because it contains yohimbe (which is banned in those countries), unfortunately you cannot buy it there.

Can women use it?

While it seems to primarily help men, Zyrexin does have the potential to increase female sexual arousal.

Zyrexin Vs. Zyrexin Ultra

When I was doing some research I came across a new product that they’ve come out with called Zyrexin Ultra.

Apparently this new formula works 487% better, and because it’s so strong it’s not available in stores.

zyrexin ultraSo what’s the difference between Zyrexin Ultra and the original?

Well according to them it contains the worlds only natural PDE-5 inhibitor.

If you’re not familiar with what a PDE-5 inhibitor is, I’ll give you a brief lesson.

PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterases) inhibitors were discovered and purified in 1980 from of all things a rats lung.

They work by converting intracellular cGMP to the nucleotide GMP.

What does this mean?

Basically what it does is relaxes the smooth muscle tissue surrounding artery walls, allowing for increased blood flow.

Originally, PDE-5 inhibitors were meant to work in the treatment of coronary heart disease, but during initial clinical trials an interesting side effect was noticed.

Guys were getting GREAT boners… That’s right, because of the mechanism of action of PDE-5 inhibitors, it seemed that PDE-5 inhibitors were helping with erectile dysfunction issues.

As a result of extensive clinical studies, we now have Viagra, Tadalifil, and Vardenafil, all of which are PDE-5 inhibitors which help with ED.

Now that you have a little bit of a background on what PDE-5 inhibitors are, what natural ingredient in Zyrexin Ultra causes this?

Well, the answer is not very clear.

There’s no indication as to what the ingredients in Zyrexin Ultra are, only that it now contains Butea Superba.

Other then that, there’s not much else we know about the product.

Price wise, a 1 month supply will cost you about $44.95, which is about $20 more than their original formula.

Both the original and Zyrexin Ultra have a 60 day money back guarantee, which you can exercise up to 60 days past the date of purchase.

Overall Recommendation

No side effects, great orgasm, hard as a rock, would definitely recommend to anyone.

Be careful of the whole yohimbe thing though, it can really be a pain in the butt if you have heart problems.

Check with your doctor if your not sure.

But, if you’re looking for a quick fix, I would certainly recommend popping a zyrexin pill.

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1 out of 5 stars
May 20, 2013 by 

I CANNOT recommend Zyrexin..

Sure it did HELP get an erection, but the side effects are not worth it..

You feel all cold and Jittery, like extreme nervousness, as tho-you drank 27 cups of coffee. Must be the vast dosages of Yohimbe in it.

.Anyway it is NOT a healthy product for the heart for sure.

Any doc that recommends this product to his patients should be shot, as it is NOT all natural. I feel the Yohimbe could be dangerous if taken over the long haul.

Not to mention names, but there are sooooo many other pills to take out there to help with erections that are more natural and dont make you feel like you had 47 cups of coffee and make you feel your heart pounding a mile a minute in your chest- Zyrexin is NOT good stuff for the body- period..

Gives erections-YES. But dangerous- YES.

Was this review helpful to you?
22 out of 22 people found this review helpful.

1 out of 5 stars
Jul 29, 2013 by 


STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!! not only you can die because of that "chemistry" in your system, just because you will not feel like alive at all!!!

I have tried two times - the results are : dizziness, nausea, your hair is moving on your entire skin, you feel the fever together with the freeze all together + not only you are forgetting about the sex life, but thinking only about your own survival, you just feel like shit! Period!

This poison will give you a lot of problems for your own money! STAY AWAY!


Was this review helpful to you?
15 out of 17 people found this review helpful.


1 out of 5 stars
Feb 26, 2014 by 
John Andrew

I took two pills at two different times and had severe burning
pains in my rectom and penis. I threw the rest of the pills in
the trash.

That is the problem I had but everybody may not
have that problem or any problem at all.

Was this review helpful to you?
11 out of 13 people found this review helpful.

1 out of 5 stars
May 17, 2013 by 

I tried Zyrexin yesterday...started out with 1 pill....nothing.

Then took another pill a few hours later, and nothing. Totally worthless product.

I've taken stiff nights and it works really well although gives me a headache, and stuffy nose.

Was this review helpful to you?
8 out of 10 people found this review helpful.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

1 out of 5 stars
Dec 22, 2015 by 
Dr. Zoidberg

I basically paid money for an uncomfortably high heart rate and no other effects to speak of. I'd trade the other 11 pills for a pack of gum.

Was this review helpful to you?
6 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

1.7 5.0 33 33 I had mixed results from very good to fair after a handful of uses. What was consistent were the side effects of high blood pressure and nausea. I'd recommend starting with 1/2 dos Zyrexin Review

User Questions & Answers

User Questions and Answers

Q: I had a Stroke 3 years ago & I am being treated for high Blood Pressure which is under control. Is it safe for me to take? -Bob

A: Since you're taking prescription medication, you'll need to consult with your doctor about what supplements might be contraindicated.  

Was this question helpful?
2 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Q: I'm looking for a male enhancement that works I've narrowed n it down to either extenze extended release or zyrexin. Which one do you like better? -waylon

A: They're both good, but my preference is for Extenze Extended Release. I like that it works instantly and in the long run as well.

Was this question helpful?
3 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Q: i am 300lb n i took 3tabs for the 1st time n my face got red feverish n fast heart beat .i have no known health problems.would it be safe to take again with lower dose -bobby

A: Try taking one pill with food. That way, if you do get any type of reaction, it'll be much less.

Was this question helpful?
1 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Q: I bought some zyrexin about a year ago and the expiration date got rubbed off so I can't tell when it expires is there another way I can find out what is the expiration date? -david

A: Not that I'm aware of.  Give Zyrexin a call.   1 (800) 301-4027  They may have an answer for you.

Was this question helpful?
1 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

Q: Will this pill help me last longer in bed I mean will it take me longer to get off -Shawn

A: That's not its specified purpose, but additional stamina is one of the benefits.If that's you're main objective, check out ProSolution Plus instead.

Was this question helpful?

Show All 9 User Questions & Answers
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"47" Comments
  1. Hi. I just want to thank Rob, for leaving genuine reviews on this site!

    Good or bad reviews, bet GENUINE! Thanks!

  2. Have taken zyrexin before but Took 3 tablets in one session and i felt great for 5 hours but never had intercourse nor got aroused but during this time i felt feverish and my heart rate went way up. Im 20yrs old and my last bottle i got made me go from 3.5in flaccid to 1.5in whats the deal can anyone let me know what's up. plz let me know something soon its been 7hrs now and im really small and i am really worried its gonna stay like that and my feancee actually laughed at how small i was

  3. I have been taking Zyrexin for a couple months now and it affects me so much differently than any other pill I have tried. I only take one pill usually because two pills seem to be a bit much.

    One pill gives me a nice erection with the best results happening between two to five hours after I take it. The really amazing thing is that when I get aroused after taking Zyrexin I produce a large amount of precum that will run the length of my erect penis.

    I normally produce very little precum. Also my orgasms are much more intense with a larger amount of ejeculate.

    I do get the jittery side affects but if I drink plenty of water I can keep the side affects to a minimum. I have tried a lot of different formulas and some work very well in giving me erections but none have given me the added benifit of producing so much precum and ejaculate nor such an intense orgasm.

    Thought I would post this to see if anyone else has ever experience this. Thanks.

  4. How long. Must.

    I. Wait.

    To. Get.

    My. Order.

    I. Paid R615.14.for. Zyrexin.

    Pills I. Am.

    Johannesburg. Soweto.

    The. Deduction.

    On. My.

    Card. Was.

    Made. On.

    The. 01/07/2015. My. Post.

    Code. Kwa- xuma.

    1867 please. Help.

    • Hey Elias, That is definitely too long to have to wait for a supplement. I don't have a relationship with Zyrexin, so there's nothing I can personally do for you.

      Call the company your ordered from, and ask them to help you figure out what's going on. Rob

  5. took two pills didnt do nothing next day two more nothing happened so decided to take three and man no erriction but sweat i did jittery felt terrible i will never buy again im looking at instant performer what i took is zxrexin
  6. This is a follow up to my comment below on Sept 3rd, 2014. I've been taking Zyrexin now for about 4 or 5 months. From my experience and experimenting with Zyrexin I have to say it does work, but you need to take it correctly because it can give you different side effects if you don't.

    From my experience I recommend drinking a lot of water with it and don't eat for about 1 1/2 hours before your take it and the same for after you have taken it. Also, don't have a big meal when you do eat before or after taking it.

    With my experience your stomach can start feeling like it is bubbling and make you feel like you have diarrhea, especially if you eat the wrong thing. I do have to say though that it seems there are some things you can eat that will be ok and actually help.

    There is a little taco stand by my house where I get 4 small ground beef (carne asada) plain taco's with a little hot salsa and that seems to be ok. I think the protein and a little fat helps the Zyrexin, I eat about an hour after taking Zyrexin and it seems ok.

    The MOST IMPORTANT thing in my opinion is to drink at least 3 or 4 tall glasses of water when you take Zyrexin, and later on if your stomach starts feeling weird drink a big glass of water. From my experience, Zyrexin works about an hour or 2 after taking it and only when you are in a sexual situation when you would normally get turned on and get an erection, but not when you are sitting around waiting and hoping for an erection or to feel something, you have to get turned on and then it works.

    I found that taking 2 the right way, about 2 hours before, works for me, and it works throughout the night. Since most of my sexual activity is on the weekend I usually take 2 Friday evening, then in the early afternoon on Saturday and also the same on Sunday and none during the week.

    If you peel off the label on the inside there is a warning about who should not take it and also one saying it is not meant for long term use, so I am trying to limit the buildup in my system because of that warning, but it works for me. It also says not to take more than 4 in a 24 hour period.

    From my experience, and others who left a comment on this site, you will definitely feel like dying if you take too many at once for your body size, if you don't drink enough water with it and if you eat too much or the wrong food with it. So you have to experiment to see how to make it work for you, but it does work, but maybe not for everybody.

    Also, you should start doing some exercise on a regular basis, some aerobics and some weight lifting. That will help your body produce testosterone.

    And also start eating better if you are not. I hope all this helps someone.

  7. DONT TAKE! Harmful
  8. Zyrexin is DANGEROUS! Oh sure it'll make you so hard you'll be able to punch out rivets out of a steel girder using just your penis BUT... It also raises your blood pressure & heart rate to very scary levels (face & eyes even felt feverish).

    Hell, even taking just 1/2 a tablet things got scary. Plus, I don't think the wife liked getting woken up every hour on the hour for 6 straight hours (no lie).

    I ended up flushing the rest of the pills down the toilet (not worth a possible stroke or heat attack).

  9. I'm 57 years old and have always had a pretty active sex life with my erections being pretty good about 90% of the time. This year my erections started getting weak and sometimes just not there.

    In July my dream girl called me and finally wanted me to do her. Now I had just eaten a meal but I wasn't going to let that stop me from trying, but, I could not rise to the occasion, it was just dead meat.

    I admit I was really nervous too and when you are nervous that can kill an erection. Well it happened the next two days too.

    I also had another gal I was getting with on a regular basis and it was not raising to the occasion with her either. So I started doing research to find out what was going on and I learned about these supplements to help get an erection.

    There are a lot of things that can keep you from getting an erection, low testosterone, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, a poor diet, not getting enough exercise, not getting enough sleep, and other things. So I completely changed my diet and started exercising again.

    That seemed to help a little. Then I tried Zyrexin.

    The first time with it in my system was like WOW. I had never had an erection like that before.

    There were other things I was taking as well but this seemed to help the most. But the next few times it just seemed like my dick was rubber, so I tried something else, it seemed to work just ok.

    So I finally switched back to Zyrexin again and took two and it performed better than what I expected. There are other things I am doing, like I added cayanne pepper and other spices to my diet and stopped using salt, I'm drinking a lot of water, 1 1/2 to 2 liters a day, greatly improved my diet and a few other thing and it all seems to be working.

    So all these erection supplements seem to work to some degree but if you are not doing other things to help your body be in better shape then they might not work at all. You won't just get an erection automatically, you need to be in a situation where you would normally be turned on, then your dick starts to get hard like it should.

    This is a real summary of my experience with Zyrexin and I am glad, so far, that I took it again.

  10. hi in my late sixties but in good shape .have tried many ed products including zyrexin.

    i found it was a better laxative than a erection promoter. flu like symtoms included.

    i will never purchase it again.

  11. If you want something that really works order generic cialis or Levitra from cipia pharmaceuticals from India for a buck or so a pill
  12. I jst wana know what can make ma penis grow bigger, N hohow to stay longer in bed , in other words how nit tio cum so fast
  13. G'day Rob, I tried 100mg viagra last week, i took 1 tab and almost a hour later it "sort of" started to work. But i wasn't rock hard, so i took another tab and still wasn't hard "not like i used to get ten years ago i'm 50yo and weigh 60kg".

    These tabs cost me $72 for 4 tabs plus the doctors fee of $85 to get the prescription, so about $80 for 1 root My problem is it takes me 3 to 4 hours to cum, and my hard on only lasts about 20min then it goes softish for 20 min then hard again for 20 min etc etc. i can keep going but it's awkward. Most of the time my girl and even me just give up before i get the chance to cum Is there anything that can NO:1 sustain my hard on, and NO:2 let me cum quicker, I love sex but sometimes it can take 5 hours for me, and by then my girl is red roar, soar and worn out.

    I'd love to be able to have a hot and hard 20 min quickie Cheers Joe
    • Hey Joe, I don't know of any supplements that can make you ejaculate quicker. You may want to try relaxation techniques or fantasizing.

      There may also be a physical problem, so I'd recommend that you see your doctor. As for helping you keep your erection, I'd go with VigRx Plus.

  14. I have not problem with erection, will this pill help to last longer during sex?

  15. Hi rob, Do you know any supplement that can make you last longer?


    Looking for a supplement that will help with the actual orgasm trigger itself. Open to suggestions.

    • Hey John, Are you looking for a fast acting or slow acting formula? There are some keen differences between the two, I just want to be sure I'm recommending the right thing.

  17. Hi Rob ! Are you familiar with Liproxin SX?

    It's a great product. It's working even when I cut the dosage in half.

    I feel charged up for 3 days after taking half the capsule. It's not an every day supplement, but a "take it as you need it" product.

    If I took it in the morning, I was still ready in the evening. I had to cut the dosage, because unfortunately it's discontinued.

    It worked really good for me, but now I ran out of it. What can I use instead.

    Thank you for your website and your response. Greetings Laslo

    • Hey Laci, Actually I have never heard of that one. For something that works great quickly, check out a product called Vitalikor fast acting.

      • It's been pretty long time since you posted stuff about ZYREXIN. Wish I had read your reviews BEFORE I bought it!

        I tried it 2x. No erection.

        My only side effects were chills and having to pee a lot. I'm really writing about your recommendation of VitaliKor.

        I've used it and ir was ok. not great but it helped the erection a little.

        It's no longer on GNC shelves. The clerk told me it was pulled off the market because it had Ciallis in it.

        Supposedly they are going to reformulate and re-introduce it.

        • Hey Greg, Thanks for the heads up. It's tough to keep up with all the changes in this market.

          It seems like products enter and exit the arena every day, and more than just a few get caught putting prescription ingredients in their formulas! Rob

  18. rob miller hi iam stephen page iam deaf i want question with you iam 63 but there problm if work how growin my peis like man problm i try thing if a horry work or not but rigth now i have no girl friends she naver turn me on you know want i try say? if this zyrexin work or not i had back oper or i had med Digoxin for heart but i dont know try see if zyrexin work ?

    • Hi Stephen, I would avoid taking Zyrexin, only because it contains yohimbe and your taking heart meds so it's not a good mix. Check out Vigrx Plus, it is the most effective I have tried and does not contain any harmful stimulants.

  19. 2 Qs: 1) Has anyone had positive results from taking just 1/2 of one? and 2) Has anyone had seizure problems when taking this product?

  20. By the way, its now 9:30pm and I will take another tomorrow. Will update

  21. I tried one pill got very sick to my stomach very jittery would not recomend this pill
  22. I found out it works but I took it at night and it made me sick. It also gives me motor shakes, ill try it in the morning, should I eat and take it or wait until I have an empty stomach?

    • I would definitely recommend you take Zyrexin on a full stomach, and be sure to take the lowest dose possible. Also check with your doctor for possible interactions.

  23. I know Activator RX is safe to take even if youve been drinking. Is it the same case with Zyrexin?

  24. is it like a pill you take that causes you to have an erection soon after taking or is it a pill that helps with growth.

  25. I just ordered this pill and im waiting to see the results im just curios what would be better then Zyrexin that they keep saying. Please reply would like to know.

  26. just started taking this product not bad butt have used alot better stuff no Dought. there are problems with some Herbs no Dought be aware they can cause Heart pain, urine problems and such.

    this stuff so far seems to be ok.

  27. Zyrexin isnt too bad, but there are much better products out there. Does it have yohimbe in it?


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