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So it’s Sunday and I’m sitting in a local burger place waiting on my takeout order when I come across yet another ad for  “amazing nootropic” supplement that celebrities are using to increase their IQ dramatically.  The name of this supplement is none other then Alpha ZXT, which almost sounds like a new car or something.

“Imagine, for just $199 a month you too could be driving the all new 2015 Acura Alpha ZXT” pitch line comes to mind.

The ad is being featured on Yahoo, and the celebrity names being tossed around reads like a “Who’s Who” of Hollywood.  Jamie Foxx is taking it, so is Bradley Cooper, even Denzel Washington.  It’s apparently a clear pill that can give you a 400% increase in your IQ, boosting both your memory and productivity, and give you laser like focus.

But, what the hell is it, and more importantly, WHAT is in it?


What is it?
Our Problem With It
Are Celebrities REALLY Using It?
My Personal Test Results
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alpha ZXT?

If you visit the official website, there’s alot of talk about how great it is for attention, working memory, long term memory, and information processing, but not alot of talk about what’s actually in it.

What we do know is that it contains Phosphatidylcholine, which is actually a vital substance found in every cell in the human body.  It has shown a bit of promise at helping to slow down aging related process and improved brain functioning and memory capacity in patients with dementia, but the results are still inconclusive. (Source: 1)

Intrigued, I decided to order a bottle myself and here’s a rundown of ALL of the ingredients:

  • St Johns Wortalpha zxt review
  • Glutamine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Dimethylaminoethanol Bitatrate
  • Vinpocetine

It’s unclear which ingredient is the primary one, but my guess it would be the combo of Vinpocetine and St. Johns Wort.  St. Johns Wort has been shown (at least in limited trials) to help with symptoms of depression, as well as help with anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

With that said, however, there is no evidence that it can help with ADD / ADHD symptoms, at least not by itself.  Glutamine is simply an amino acid that is actually found naturally in the body.  Unlike St. Johns Wort, Glutamine is used for treatment of ADHD symptoms, and is actually one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. (Source: 2)

Bacopa Monnier is an herb native to most continents, and has been traditionally used as a neurological tonic and cognitive enhancer.  In a clinical study conducted and released in July of 2008, Bacopa Monnier was shown to help older individuals (65 + years of age) by increasing cognitive performance as opposed to those in a placebo group. (Source: 3)

I have taken Gingko Biloba on its own before and definitely noticed an increase in short and long term memory.

Our Problem With It

The problem with this supplement is not REALLY the supplement itself, it’s more about the marketing behind it that really seems to grind my gears.  For one, while all these ads LOVE to boast that A-List celebs from around the world are taking their supplement, nothing can be further from the truth.

Example…in one of the ads, Denzel Washington is claimed to have named this supplement specifically as the inspiration for his HUGE film successes.

Related Article: Denzel Washington And Dr. Phil Did NOT Develop Some ED Pill

He is literally quoted as saying “I would not be able to have the energy I have, the focus and ability to memorize my movie lines after just reading them once – if it wasn’t for Alpha ZXT ” 

Now, I did EXTENSIVE research to try and find this supposed speech, and there was not one SHRED of evidence he even gave it.

Another one is Tiger Woods being featured on the cover of Time Magazine, with the caption “Tigers Tale:  Credits Brain Boosting Clear Pill as biggest trick for success…”  Here’s the cover in case you missed it:

tiger woods alpha zxt small

And again, total false advertisement….Here’s the REAL cover of the Time Magazine Article.

tiger woods time mag
Does anyone else see some mention of some “Clear Pill” that he credits to dominating the PGA tour???  I didn’t think so…Very cleverly Photoshopped I might ad.

Another FALSE testimonial I’ve come across with many other of these so called “brain boosting nootropics” including Addium and Brainstorm Elite, includes the claim that it’s been featured in a Forbes Article titled “Alpha ZXT: Viagra For The Brain.”  Here it is in case you missed it:

alpha zxt forbes small

However, if you look at the REAL Forbes article, there is no mention whatsoever about it.

Another thing I noticed in one of the specific ads is that they keep talking up this supplement, but made a goof that I guess they forgot to fix during editing.  Specifically, they mention a competing product within the so-called 14 Day test results they supposedly did with it, mentioning a product called Brainstorm Elite within the article.  Check it out below:

brainstorm elite or alpha zxt small

You’ll also see the same thing with the National Geographic cover they use in the upper right hand corner of the ad.  Here’s a photo of the real cover taken from the National Geographic website.

real nat geo coverAgain, no mention of Alpha ZXT (or Brainstorm Elite) or whatever scam they are running for the day.

Yet another thing they mention is that Dr. Oz himself specifically endorses the use of it as a safe and effective alternative to prescription medications like aderal.  However, if you actually watch the full episode they are mentioning in this article, you will find no such mention of it.

This is not the first time Dr Oz’s name has been used to promote a pill, and he has done a pretty good job at combating this by establishing Oz Watch, which warns consumers about marketers illegally using his likeness to promote their supplements.

Fake Comments

There’s also a bunch of comments at the bottom of the article that speak nothing but high praises for Alpha ZXT, but if you try to post a comment yourself…nothing happens.  Check out my screencast below:

I tried several times to leave a comment, even going so far as to using different browsers, and no comment was posted.

Update 6/3/2015 – Now They’re Saying Stephen Hawking is using it!

So I wake up this morning and shoot over to yahoo this morning for my daily dose of the days events, and low and behold what do i see?  None other then another ad, this time with the title “Hawking Predicts ‘Biggest Event In Human History'”.

Intrigued, I decide to click on the ad and wouldn’t you know it, they are now saying Stephen Hawking declared on a recent interview with Anderson Cooper that “this pill will change humanity”.

Here’s the ad in case you missed it:

alpha zxt stephen hawking small

On the supposed “Discovery Magazine” article it still has all the usual suspects, including statements that celebrities like Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, and Will Smith are taking it, but now they’re saying Stephen Hawking is calling this pill “revolutionary”.

Finding the interview proved virtually impossible…I tried searching the CNN website, google, and a variety of other sources to see if Anderson Cooper even interviewed Stephen Hawking, with no success.

Well, it turns out (if you were surprised anyway) that Hawking did NOT say that….Instead in the REAL article (wasn’t even an interview with Anderson Cooper) he was talking about Artificial intelligence and how “Success in AI would be the biggest even in human history”.

Here’s the article on if you’re interested.

Update! (6/20/2015)  Now James Cameron Uses It…

This just keeps getting better and better…or worse and worse depending on how you look at it.  I was again browsing through Yahoos homepage this morning and this time I came across a sponsored post that screamed “He Found This Inside An Abandoned Missile Silo?”

It turns out “he” is non other then James Cameron, the billionaire director.  According to the article I’m reading here, Cameron apparently discovered old rocket propulsion systems….That’s.  Literally.  It.

Who would have thought that by filming in an abandoned missile silo you might actually come across old rocket propulsion systems??  Shocker…

Anyways, the article goes into an in-depth “interview” with James Cameron, who attributes much of his success to none other then Alpha ZXT.  Apparently it helped him increase his IQ and gave him a consistent and reliable level of focus, as well as helping improve memory and cognition.

Well, it turns out that this, not surprisingly, is 100% Bulls$%t…

First off, here’s an image of the sponsored ad on Yahoo.  You can clearly see that it says the story appeared on Viral Nova, but when you click on the ad you’re taken to a “Discovery Mag” newstory.  As usual, this is not the REAL Discovery Mag website, but one intended to appear like one…

The fact that the URL is discover mag news (DOT) com should have raised a red flag to most people, but I can see how most might miss it.

Second, here’s the ACTUAL Viral Nova article about the abandoned missile silo.  Clearly, it has nothing to do with James Cameron, and is actually pretty eery looking through all the pics they posted.

My Personal Results and Findings

Like I mentioned earlier in the review, I decided to purchase a bottle for testing myself and finally got around to trying it for the last few days.  The first thing I wanted to notice was the STRIKING similarities between Alpha ZXT and another recently tested supplement called Neuro 3x.

I had written about Neuro 3x back in October, and one of our product testers named John tried it out, with very little in the way of results.  If you look at the labels of both Neuro3X AND Alpha ZXT you’ll see that they completely identical, with literally the only difference being the name of the product.

The other thing I noted was the apparent similarities in the ingredients…in fact, the ingredients are EXACTLY the same.

So, knowing this do you think the results would be that much different from taking it?  Instead of John testing this supplement out I decided to try it myself and report my results.

To be honest, I didn’t really notice any difference after taking it.  There was no sudden moments of clarity, no mind altering focus or concentration, and certainly no improvement in memory.

I decided to “up the ante” and take 2 capsules at once (which is not recommended) and if anything I felt a slight sense of calm and focus, but again, nothing dramatic.

Frequently Asked Questions We Get

How Do I Take It?

On the label it says you should take 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast with water.  It also says you can take 1 more pill, but not to exceed later in the day.  I always recommend that you take supplements like this on a full stomach first to asses your tolerance.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Well, if you buy into the marketing, you’ll start feeling the effects in minutes.  For me, it didn’t quite work that way.  I would say if I felt “anything” it was probably about an hour and a half after I took it.

Can  I Buy This In Stores?

I visited my local GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and Walgreens / CVS, and none of them carried the supplement (which is not surprising).  I also checked online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and others and came up short.

Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

This part is unclear.  I, for one, didn’t experience any negative effects from taking Alpha ZXT.  However, with that said ANY supplement has the potential to cause side effects. If you look at some of the reviews below, one guy names Nathan actually experienced a withdrawal effect from it, stating he had been ill with a fever and chills the last few days.

Of course there’s no way to be sure it was caused by the supplement, and it could be a complete coincidence for all we know.

To be on the safe side, I would recommend you check with your physician prior to taking this (or really any) supplement to be sure it’s safe for you to take.

Is It Really Better Then Adderall?

In my personal opinion, absolutely NOT.  I’ve taken adderall before, and if you’ve ever tried it, you KNOW it starts working very quickly.  The marketing says its “600% more potent then adderall”…this is complete BS.  Trust me, this is NOT legal adderall.

Who Makes It?

This is a bit of a mystery.  I searched around on the US Patent Office to see if it was trademarked, but it wasn’t.  There’s no  mention of an address on their site, and I couldn’t see WHO exactly manufactures it.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel your order by either calling their customer support phone number, which is 1-855-962-7747, or by sending them an email at

You can request a refund, but as it turns out it’s not so easy.  For one, many have complained that they can’t get through to anyone via the customer support phone number.  Some have even said they’ve sent an email and never received a reply.

I tried their phone number and, while it didn’t even ring (went straight to hold music), someone did pick up in about 1 min.  They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, and from some of the comments I’ve seen it looks like they are honoring it.

If This Is So Great, Where Are All The Reviews?

This is a GREAT question…if you run a search on google, you’ll find tons of websites cluttering the results talking about how great this supplement is.  However, if you REALLY read into the content on those pages, you’ll find that they are nothing more then a jumbled mess of BS that doesn’t even make sense.

For example, one of the sites I visited (supplements 4 help dot com), clearly states under the “Peoples Opinion” section of Alpha ZXT the following:

“As others consume stated, this book is perfectly researched and the author offerings his argument in a very kind, careful way, with a lot of compassion for the persons whose stories he tells to exemplify his point.”

What….the….F$%k???  It makes no mention of testimonials about the product, what their results were, and makes ABSOLUTELY  no sense whatsoever.

I would link to this page to show you what I’m talking about, but I don’t even want to give them the satisfaction.

I took to Youtube to see if I could find anyone talking about the supplement and came across this, check it out below:

What can I say….I’m speechless….the fact that videos like this even exist make me want to start my own Youtube, because clearly they don’t give a s$%t what is posted on their site.


Does Alpha ZXT really work as well as they say it does?  It didn’t for me, and by resorting to CLEARLY deceptive marketing practices as a way of selling their supplement it leads me to believe that it will product nothing more then a placebo effect for almost anyone that decides to use it.

FYI, Someone is trying to SHUT ME DOWN because I expose SCAMS like this.  Do me a favor since I probably just saved you some of your hard earned cash….LIKE ME on Facebook, Tweet Me, ANYTHING you can do to help keep this site going and EXPOSE scams like this will help ME and YOU!!

Have You Used Alpha ZXT?  Leave Your Review Below!





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how much is the bottle? -stevie

At this time,  a single bottle costs $49.85.- Rob

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I bought using internet a botle of Alpha XYZ. I started using it 3-days ago. I notice that the expiring date is 08/15 !!!!!!!!! -Efthymios

Call the company and see if they'll send you a replacement.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
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Would really appreciate it if you would give your age bracket when leaving your feedback??? -Lawrence

I'm 34.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
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have been trying for 3 days to cancel and request a refund, phone always rings busy and no response to emails. Thank You -Tom

I've heard this a lot with Alpha ZXT.  Call your bank or credit card company. They should be able to pull up the transaction, where they have access to a direct line. They can give you the number, or they may put on a 3-way call for you.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
3 out of 6 people found this question helpful.

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Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. By the way, they’ve also seemed to have resorted to using virus/malware to promote their product. One of my colleagues got some kind of malware on his computer.

    Which started sending sending out to all his Skype contacts suspicious links to fake Forbes articles about this supposed Steven Hawking interview. That’s actually how I ended up hearing about this supplement and coming across this post.

  2. Tried it and it didn’t do a thing for me, researched the ingredients and its all BS, nothing but a scam to sell useless pills. Typical internet scam.

  3. Loved the irony of finding a “fauxvertisement” (i.e., those bogus advertisement for bogus products ‘endorsed’ by, likely, a few people raving enthusiastically about how great product ‘X’ is, yet there’s no way to add YOUR comment because, mysteriously, there’s no Post Comment link, lol).

    The product in question, Neurocell, I think it was(?) appeared in an NY Daily News article about Trump. Does it get any better?

    Talk about a great example of ‘what do these 3 things have in common?” We are ‘gifted’ with the Daily News, which ran a Trump puff piece, in which a fauxvertisement touts an herbal that will put your brain in turbo mode (subliminal message: you too could be as smart as Trump tells us he is just by taking this supplement). Too funny.

    I’d suggest sending the URL the fauxvertisement appears in to the Federal Trade Commission at and also to quack

    If the company hawking this brain-tweaking herbal is the real thing, then they’d be able to refute, w evidence, all the claims they are making.

    1. Hey Julianne,

      I agree with you completely. The way these companies get away with all the false claims is that they get in, make their money, and get out so quickly no one has time to sue or investigate.

      By the time anyone is mad enough to take action, they’ve moved on to the next scheme… which is why our best weapon against them is spreading the word.

  4. And the fact that people are buying this and other “miracle pills” like it proves it. Thanks for the informative post.

  5. Hi Rob,
    In case You haven’t noticed yet. They have a new one now.

    It’s called AlphaXYZ. 🙂 Package? Same as two one before. 🙂

  6. Very Nice Job Rob!
    My mother in-law has alzhiemer’s and it doesn’t appear doctors are doing much to help her brain function.

    I thought these smart drugs may be for her until I noticed all the 14 day trial reviews are pretty much the same but with a different famous persons name tied to them and it appears the name of the smart drug is different also. I thought of giving her the Optimind w/ Phenibut, Ginko Biloba, St.

    Johns Wart and maybe Adderall. Do you think this may help her memory?

    1. Hey Ben,

      Yeah, stay away from Alpha ZXT and the like. Nootropics should be able to help though. My recommendations would be for MindBoost, along with the Gingko and St John’s Wort. Supplements can help, but make sure you consult with her doctor as well.

  7. Thank you for posting this article! Isn’t what they are doing illegal?

    I have never fallen for a scam in my life. However, their add showed up when I typed in the Fox News URL.

    I knew that it would not have the magical benefits they advertised but thought I would try to buy it just to see if it helped improve concentration and focus at all. Luckily my bank declined the charge and I got a call from the fraud department.

    1. Hey Paul,
      It’s definitely illegal, and the celebrities that are being used as pawns in this charade should have someone looking out for stuff like this. I’ve tried reaching out to a few of them on Twitter, but unsurprisingly never heard back.

  8. Well done. The makers of Alpha ZXT have risen to the level of scam in their marketing campaign in my opinion.

    They briefly fooled me by making their ad appear to be a legitimate CNN article and their writing was just good enough to fly under my radar as an obvious scam. The facts did not sad up, however and after work I did an independent search on it and wound up here.

    It is a bit unnerving that this far with me since have yet to be successfully scammed by anyone. Thus I believe that it is important to warn people by posting here.

    As one poster already stated, taking multiple unproven supplements like these combined into a single product is most likely going to scatter your brain due to unanticipated interactions between the agents themselves and unpredictable interactions with the consumer’s native brain chemistry.
  9. Hi Rob!
    Thanks for your review of this.

    I was thinking of trying it until I saw one ingredient that stopped me immediately and that is Bacopa Monnieri. I had tried this supplement in a brand called “Remember!" I was in graduate school and I was trying to boost my memory and focus.

    This particular herb did the complete opposite for me. My thoughts completely scattered while using it.

    I could not focus at all. I became overly emotional and worrying over things that previously didn’t phase me.

    I failed an important test because of it! I even contemplated dropping out of school!

    Then while praying to God what to do, it occurred to me, “It’s that Remember! crap!!!" I stopped taking it and within a week I was better. I would advise anyone to be careful of any pills that has Bacopa Monnieri as an ingredient.

    1. Hey Sonja,

      I haven’t heard of Bacopa Monnieri causing those kinds of side effects and I haven’t been able to find anything about it in my research, but I’m glad you found your culprit. I have heard that it’s not to be taken in conjunctions with certain medications including anti-depressants.

  10. I was tempted to order this but then did some research and found your site. I don’t think I will order now.

    Thanks for the research you did. I should send you the check I was going to send to them. 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing the this and doing the research. Definitely saved me from wondering what this BS was about!

    Keep up the great work!
  12. Thanks for your balanced and well researched review. Some interesting info can be found on DMAE, or Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate, an ingredient in this mélange.

    DMAE was originally tested as a possible Alzheimers drug but clinical trials were halted because of severe mental side effects, i.e., hallucinations, in participants. A friend suffered a mental breakdown while taking a DMAE supplement, becoming delusional and requiring hospitalization.

    Also another ingredient, Glutamine is the key amino acid in MSG. Though it is a necessary nutrient, excess consumption is not well tolerated by many people.

    It’s an excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain but we get plenty of it in our modern protein-rich diets!
  13. Just wanted to thank you for the Investigation. I actually read the different testimonies from those celebrities taking this and it only the their stories raised a couple of red flags.

    However you invested time energy and money..So thank you for all that and Keep up this honest and good work. The world doesn’t need more viagra for the Brian but much more People like you..

  14. The absolute goofy chain email on Brainfire was so obviously fraudulent, it sounded like an April F ools joke. You did a great job of exposing the the fraudulent quotes of famous people and and reputable magazines.

  15. Made an order on June 16 2015 now its June 29 no product, I order the Alpha zxt.i did call everyday about my order and each person had a different answer, bad service so I requested my money back..
  16. I just ordered 1 bottle of alpha zxt and them read the reviews. Oh no I have been suckered again.

    I used the customer service number you provided and they asked why I wanted to canceled and I told them I have read the reviews . The operator said they would refund my money in 6 to 10 days.

    I will have to wait and see. thanks for your reviews. This makes about the 4th time I have been sucked in .

    So far I have been lucky. Next time I will read the reviews first.

    Only yesterday I started to order a product called brain fire and backed out I had read the article about Anderson Cooper and the scientist but I was for Brain Fire not Alpha zxt.. Someone had goggled their address in Utah and found it to be in a residential neighborhood.

    1. Hey Glen,

      Glad we could help. I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some reputable products out there, you just have to do your homework. Sign up for my free “guide to nootropics” ebook. It’ll give you a good idea of what to look for. Also, my top nootropic pick is Optimind.

  17. Oh dear, i fell for all this. i usually do research myself on items before buying. i was sucked in so hard and fast, my head was spinning. payed 149.95 for 5 bottles.,rushed to do my research AFTER i bought it. hmm. had to wait nervously until Monday to cancel. (ordered on a Sat) mistake. i was furious with myself. called them and got my refund ahhhhhhhhh. relief. will never do that again. i told my husband that i couldn’t believe that i actually did that. he said to me….because you were thinking of me. yea. bitter sweet:)
  18. Thank you Rob… I am glad I found your review and website. Please keep up your good work and you should be on shows like Dr. Oz and CNN health to explain how we should search about products like Alpha ZXT before we purchase.

    Anyway thank you.
  19. The only one, that I’ve tried, that sounds like what they’re describing is Focus Factor. For me, I noticed a clearer head, better memory retention and alertness.

    In short, I could focus better. The way I know it worked is when I stopped taking it for awhile and then started again.

    I’m sure everyone is different, but for me, it’s noticeable within a short amount of time. I never clocked it, but I’d imagine around 30 minutes to an hour or so.

    Just take it regularly and you’ll always have that clarity and focus. Good stuff!

    I get it on Amazon, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere as well. Enjoy!

  20. Hey Rob, haven’t read all the comments below so this may be already covered but if all these celebrity testimonials are all false, why haven’t they been sued and/or retracted? Surely their agents/reps know this is out there.

    1. Hey Huy,

      I’m not really sure how they get away with it. My guess is that they don’t stay with one celebrity long enough for them to get into hot water.

    2. I wondered the same thing, after discovering Hawking’s comment was related to Artificial Intellingence and had nothing whatsoever to do with Alpha ZXT brain pill. Rob also researched Hawking’s comment and had the same conclusion.

      I think it’s just that nobody has grabbed that particular bull by the horns yet because everybody is so darn busy just getting through their collective, chaotic days :- )


  21. ROB YOU ROCK!! Thanks for saving me money and uncovering the truth. Who doesn’t want to take a magic pill and feel amazing everyday?!Thanks again for your time and efforts and keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Allen,

      Their customer service number is (855) 962-7747. Give them a call asap and tell them you want to cancel.

      They may tell you you need to call back once you get the product. I’m not sure, they all do things a little differently.

      But the sooner you get in touch with them and start the process, the better. Some people have had trouble getting through on to their customer service line.

      If that happens, call your bank. They’ll have a number that works.


    2. Thank you Rob
      I must have messed something up on the order. Because I got an email today offering 50% off on my order because it did not go through.

      Thank god
  22. ROb,
    Thank you for the research and information…the question I have is if both Alpha ZXT and Neuro 3x are exactly the same are you saying it’s simply better to just get Optimind?
    1. Hey Charles, Yeah I tried both Alpha ZXT and Neuro 3X and it didn't do much, if anything, to help improve my focus / concentration, etc. However, I DID have a very positive response to Optimind, so yes I would say give it a shot. Stack it with about 250 – 750 mg of Phenibut from and you WILL see fantastic results, trust me… Rob
  23. I’m such a sucker for the “too good to be true” hype, but a simple grammatical mistake in the ad made me think twice. If the writer & editor took Alpha xtz and it worked they would not have repeatedly confused “then” for “than”.

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions before I forked over a bunch of money.
  24. I just ordered a bottle, should have read your review first, what is there customer service number…would like to cancel.

    1. Hey Maggie,
      Here’s the number I found on their website: 1 (855) 962-7747 If you can’t seem to get through (which a few have been complaining about on here), I would contact your bank. They will DEFINITELY have the correct number and may even run a 3 way call with you.

    2. Hi Maggie,

      I’ve read that others were frustrated with calling their customer support number, which I never tried.

      All I did was reply back to the order confirmation email and tell then I was going to refuse the shipment and tell American Express not to pay them, and they automatically credited the amount back on my card.

      Unfortunately they sent it regular mail and I was not able to refuse delivery, so now I have to ship the unopened package back. Hope this helps you with your particular situation.
  25. You the man, thank you for your time and energy looking for the truth.

    Love it, the man Rob and the TRUTH!

    thank you sooo much
  26. I like how these con artists tell you FREE and when you punch in the info the, cheapest thing avail is one bottle at fifty bucks of course the shipping is free, these lowlifes can take a hit on five dollar shipping, they more than make it up on one bottle alone.
  27. Hey Rob, really appreciate your efforts and commitment on providing us “truth” with all these fake ass supplement companies! Keep up the solid work!

    Big shout out from Detroit, MI
  28. Hi, I just found your site and like snopes I will visit again, Thanks for spending the time to expose this stuff. It’s a shame they spend so much on false advertising.

  29. I was flipping through some of the daily articles on Yahoo (just killing a few minutes of time) and when I clicked on what I thought was an article about Stephen Hawking and the greatest advancement in human history I was surprised to find the discussion of Alpha ZXT that went from Hawking to Denzell to Bradley Cooper to Nostradamus and Isaac Newton and alchemists, etc., etc. Needless to say, I was stunned and a bit annoyed, so I went to Google and found you.

    Anybody who wants to shut you down for doing the research they neglect to mention after publishing their tripe deserves to be affiliated with the con artists, snake oil profiteers, and quacks they’re protecting. Frankly, people like Stephen Hawking, Bradley Cooper, and Denzell Washington should be protecting their own reputations with a bit more effort instead of relying on you to correct the fiction being attributed to them.

    Why would any honest man want his name associated with the crap these people are trying to sell? You’ve done a service to them as well as everybody else, and they (excepting Nostradamus and Isaac Newton for obvious reasons) should be equally thankful.

    They’ve actually got the money to press a legal finding and a public relations campaign to correct this deficiency, and yet it seems they’ve decided to just let it go by without comment. Without a denial or disavowal of some sort, they’re letting folks reach their own conclusions.

    Given the fact that most people tend to believe anything that’s written down, that’s not exactly a response guaranteed to protect the consumer, most of whom can’t afford to spend their hard-earned money on a pile of garbage.

    Thanks for your desire to set things right

    James Carlson
  30. Nice review Rob, good to see someone blow the whistle on such scams as increasing ones IQ 400%, we would all be Einstein and working on advanced mathematical problems. I would better be able to help my 14 year old with her Geometry homework.

  31. How I recognize a scam like Alpha ZXT…your 1st clue is when the seller asks for your billing information before telling you the real price of their product.
  32. Many people are being scammed with false ads. I have tried many herbal supplements throughout my 57 years.

    Most being for quick fix weight loss. It is refreshing for someone to be honest.

    1. I looked up what Hawking was talking about when he made the “thing that will change the world” comment, and it certainly wasn’t Alpha ZXT. He was talking about Artificial Intelligence, warning that we should be very cautious with its use.

      1. Thanks for the heads up David! I actually found the article and posted it as an update in my review.

  33. I saw this Alpha ZXT thing advertised in a ‘news’ article there on yahoo about some guy who allegedly discovered some ancient forgotten civilization near Cairo and the guy claimed he tried it. Then it’s the exact same thing you said, with the same bogus ‘comment’ section that doesn’t let you comment (same fake comments too).

    I’m not surprised that yahoo has it on their site masquerading as ‘news’, as most of their articles seem to be fabricated as well. Glad you posted this blog about this crap Alpha MSRP or whatever it is.

    One thing the internet has helped me with is to be more critical and less trusting of so called ‘truth’. Thank you Rob!

  34. Thanks for your review. One red flag that went up for me in their ad was this: “Most people start to novice loss of “brain power” or “cognitive performance” as early as 30 years young”

    Somebody didn’t take their pill or “notice” the error.

  35. Just wanted to say thank you for doing this review. As it was I had just left without entering my credit card info.

    The one thing I can say is I have been using focus formula I believe its called and every once in a while I notice some memory improvement, but not a lot. My brain is so screwed up its ridiculous

  36. Thank you, Rob, for this information and the results of your research. I was annoyed at the advertising when I ordered it, and now I understand why.

    The company that makes Alpha ZXT or their advertising firm has enormous balls, and I’m sure they’re going to have to pay some big $$ for their unethical marketing practices. I’m plan to tell the UPS or FedEx guy he can take my order right back where it came from.

  37. I believe these are the people who introduced neuroflexin and they I believe have changed the name to dodge the dissatisfied customers as well as not refund them. I have tried to contact them but it seems the calls are not working or not connecting.

    I tried to post a comment on the webpage of this advertisement and it will not allow me to. So I found this and would warn anyone considering buying to research them completely.

    They advertise the same way they did when neruoflexin was introduced and I would like to acquire a legal telephone and address that could be ascertained by the Consumer Services and BBB.
    1. Hi Cynthia,

      I think they’re definitely running a bit scared because when I called American Express this morning to make sure the charge would not go through, the (Alpha ZXT) people had already removed/credited it back to my account.
      When I saw your post, I called Amex back and found out the company is Cleanhealth, LLC(maybe CleanHealth), the merchant name is Hyperion, and they are operating out of Scottsdale, AZ.
      Hope this information helps you out, Cynthia.
      1. Hey David and Cynthia,

        I did a quick internet search for Clean Health Nutrition and Neurflexyn. I didn’t find anything definitively linking them (it was just a quick search), but I did find a connection between Clean Health Nutrition and another product called Neuro 3X, which one of our testers used back at the end of last year. It’s looking more and more like there are just a few companies running these scams, running from product to product. We need to keep spreading the word. Thanks David.

  38. Below is yet another example of what appears to be one of Alpha ZXT’s advertising scams in which had me questioning the accuracy of the article after reading the second and third sentence under the title.

    It also includes ‘false’ claims and articles similar to the examples mentioned above, including a screenshot of the show ‘The Doctors’ referring to Alpha ZXT as being “Viagra for the Brain” and many more questionable statements.

    The cherry on top of the cake, however, is at the bottom of the webpage. Scroll down to read the ultimate red flag on how $$ is all they are after!

    1. Thanks Nikki,

      Thanks for the heads up. The more we spread the word, the more people we can help avoid these scams. (Sorry, I had to remove your link.

      I don’t like linking to sites I don’t know and don’t trust).

  39. I didn’t have to spend two hundred dollars to become smarter. I just read you’re article and that was free.

  40. I don’t actually have a question, but would like to say that I enjoyed your review of Alpha ZXT. I for one would never take anything that doesn’t tell me exactly what side effect it causes or the ingredients that are in it.

    I feel that it’s playing God. I don’t believe that a pill can be so powerful and not have a downside to it.

    Why do people fall for things that are not good for you? I prefer to age gracefully.

    I am 55 yrs old. I exercise daily, eat plenty of vegetables, think positive and above all keep my faith in God strong.

    I think this is all a hoax and they are just making a lot of money because they are greedy. Thanks again for a good article.

  41. I am so tired of theives and scammers. Their advertising is so clever and deceptive that I think it should be illegal.

    Thank you for taking the time to expose this. Even if the pill worked I would not buy it due to the false advertising.
    Kudos to you for paying attention to your comments and answering them.

      1. As many of us as possible need to report this to the Federal Trade Commission. They’re the ones assigned the task of punishing false advertisers.
        1. Hey Doug,

          I totally agree. I’ve reported them.

          I encourage everyone else to as well. The more the better.


  42. Thanks for the info Rob excellent insight. I have to set you straight on your spelling of Aderall and Vyvans the correct spellings are Adderall an Vyvanse

  43. Thanks for your review! While searching for a list of AZT ingredients, your site popped up.

    The other day, in a weak moment brought on sleep deprivation, I actually ordered a bottle of this stuff. (Actually I didn’t: they initially wanted $50 for 30 pills. When I tried to leave the site they offered to send me two more bottles for $15 each.

    Using a credit card I placed my order. I was informed that my my card was invalid and the order was declined.

    Using the same card I tried again. This time it was accepted, but the “2 more bottles for $14.95 each” part of the offer had “mysteriously” disappeared.

    Immediately I sent a follow-up request to cancel the order. I’ve received no return e-mail but to date my credit card has not been charged.

    It’s been 4 days so I don’t think it will be.)
    Back to this product.
    Firstly, I’m glad the order didn’t go through.

    I’m highly intolerant to St. John’s Wort.

    I tried it a few times years ago for depression, before finding a good psychiatrist. It had the effect of making me…well, crazy: wired, highly impatient, fearless, angry, tending to act out impulsively: all qualities that are not normal components of my personality. (Eleuthera, aka “Siberian Ginseng” has the same effect.

    They often sneak it into green formulas such as “Green Vibrance”. For me it exacerbates my pre-existing depression and initiates impulses of rage so powerful I’m unable to control them. It doesn’t have this effect on everyone I’m told; I’m just one of the lucky ones…but not the only one. Use with caution!)
    Regarding this Alpha Romeo, sorry, Alpha AZT compound I have just two questions: (1) – As you could find nothing positive to say about it why did it get 2 & 1/2 stars?

    Perhaps if, after rigorous testing, it had been found to even partly live up to it’s claims, that might be enough to counteract some of the false advertising issues (although at 50 bucks for 30 it should at least have the side effect of growing hair on a cue ball). However, as you pointed out, their claims have become increasingly outrageous! (“Stephan Hawking says it will change humanity?” Really?!) It’s blatant hoaxes like this that give the drug company lobbyists more ammo to use against the supplement industry.

    I’ve personally benefited greatly from alternative medicine over the years and would hate to see it shut down due to the lying bastards such as the ones behind this promotional campaign.

    (2) – There are laws against false advertising, aren’t there? Unauthorized claims falsely attributed to various celebrities, for example? I know these fly- by-night outfits are often quite difficult to track down and prosecute, often consisting of a post-office-box in the Cayman Islands as they are, but this outfit still needs to be pointed out to the agencies that oversee false advertising. (Of course this “company” will be gone as soon as the celebrities whose images are being used without their permission become aware of the fact and notify their lawyers, so…speed in reporting is of the essense.)

    So, my second question is: do you happen to know the name(s) of the regulatory agency(s) authorized to bring the legal hammer down on false advertisers? I think you’d be doing everyone a favor by reporting them yourself.

    Beyond that, every little report helps.

    Meanwhile, I like you site. (As requested, I also “liked” your site on both Twitter and FB.) The supplement market is indeed poorly regulated, as evidenced by various products sold at drugs stores and WalMart containing not a molecule of the herbs listed on the labels, as recently reported by independent labs We all need to stick to the good brands and only buy from the more ethical and best-informed vitamin shops. Meanwhile, from what I can see your site also provides a valuable service.

    Keep up the good work – Doug (If you should decide to post any of this, please don’t use my full name or reveal my e-mail address.

    Thanks. 😉 )
    1. Hey Doug,

      Yeah, I agree. I’ll have to go in and change the rating.

      I gave it a 2.5 on initial findings, but clearly it doesn’t work and the marketing is beyond ridiculous. I’ve notified the FTC about Alpha ZXT, and I’m sure it would be a good thing if others did the same.

      Thanks for spreading the word about us!

  44. For all those that are really interested… All one really has to do is go to a company’s facebook page… If the company is truly legit you will be able to tell in short order by the posts and likes. Certainly there was a time that companies could buy likes and still can to some degree. but a product like this if legit would have thousands of likes if not hundreds of thousands of likes or more….
    The truth is that company has what appears to be about 3-5 facebook pages and no outside posts from other users and just repetitive posts of pics of the bottle.

    I knew this was a scam, though wished it wasn’t.

    I can’t think of anyone who does not want to maintain or improve their mental acuity.

    Thanks Rob for the extra research as it only reaffirmed what I had been finding. You would think these people would be turned into the Consumer Protection Agency.

      1. Thanks Rob, and thank you for your due diligence and time you put into this. To further my point… Your Facebook page has one more like added to the 2700 plus likes!

  45. Rob- Ginko bilboa,basically ground up leaves from the ginko tree, contains bilabol a resourcinol with a lipid tail that has one unsaturated bond. Bilabol stimulates neural growth in the hipocampus where memories are formed.

    Ginko biboa overall is a strong blood thinner and is dangerous to use along with aspirin- this my own experience. For further due diligence research cardol/adipostatin A and cashew nut shell liquid ( CNSL ) for toxicity.

  46. Why is that Alphzxt Customer Service does not answer telephone calls? Phone does not even ring can you provide contact numbers Don’t believe in this product-its a hoax!!!

    1. Hey Raul,

      I don’t have any inside information for Alpha ZXT, but I looked for contact info on their website. Their customer service phone number is 1 (855) 962-7747, and they’re open Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST. They also have an email address:

  47. Thank you Mr. Miller for an outstanding and humorous article on Alpha ZXT. I had just come across the article, was interested and almost bought on the strength of the “endorsement” of Steven Hawkins”, then decided to try to find more info about it.

    Now I can not run away from it fast enough.

    Have a good day and keep up the good day,
    Tim Kuelker,

  48. Rob,
    Thank you. It was very difficult to find an objective review.

    The claims for this product were enough to make me very suspicious of it, let alone the testimonies from celebrities. Who would go public that they were basically an untalented dimwit without it?

  49. What do you recommend for someone who has high anxiety to take that has the effects of Xanax or clonopin?
  50. I called to check on my shipment. DO NOT, I repeat… DO NOT order this product.

    I calles customer support 7 times, and got the same person. I was given a different name multiple times, and my order was cancelled because I complained.

    I DID NOT cancel my own order.


    Heather, Suzie, Etc. are all the same person. I have the reordings and will be turning them over to the AZ Attorney General.

  51. Hi Rob, I was thinking of the Alpha ZXT (2015 Acura Model … lol) product and read your site. You mention other products but because they are not recognized by my Doctor that only prescribes stuff that will kill my liver one day I am boggled.

    I suffer from Bi-Polar “1” and my energy, focus and ability to complete most tasks suck. I need off the half a dozen daily prescribed pills and get more funtional.

    Any real honest guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, John

    1. Hey John,

      I wish you the best, but I’m not qualified to advise you about replacing your prescription medications. Additionally, I don’t have any real knowledge about supplements to benefit those with bi-polar disorder.

    2. John- I am a seventy year old left handed, dyslexic, ADHD type manic depressive. You and I have active brains that need to be accomodated not stiffled and deadened.

      Exercise you mind and your body. Get a job that is fast moving and physically and mentally challenging such as a framer or framing contractor.

      And read boks and real print newspapers and magazines every night. This will give your mind something to chew on even when you sleep.

      Lastly don’t just stop taking taking those drugs all at once. I stopped lovastaine without tappering and goot the most hyper ever in my life.

      I calmed down by sitting and reading anewspaper. Like I said -read!

  52. One star for somebody who writes “Second day and I still don’t feel a thing."

    Five stars for somebody who says “OH THIS SHIT WORKS JUST TRY IT”

    Moral: don’t believe the number of stars.
    1. Hey there,

      One star is for least favorable. Five stars are for most favorable.

      Hope that helps.

  53. Hey Rob

    Thank you thank you thank you
    In so glad I found your website

    I issued a refund today didn’t even try it after I saw your site here

    Thanks again

    Ryan Deschaine
  54. Thanks for the due diligence!!! They did a thorough job in filling the net with lots of positive advertizing.

    I searched for anything negative but to no avail. I am grateful for the injection of truth you provide!

  55. Aloha Rob,
    After reading the Apha ZXT ad, I pushed the “free trial offer” prompt and had my credit card out ready to punch in my digits, “$149 for three bottles”… what??!! Had a gut feeling, it sounded to good to be true. Did some research and read a few articles… WOW!!!

    Talk about false avdertising. Mahalo for saving me some kala…. or $$$.

    Best, Lee
  56. After reading your reviews about Alpha ZXT and Neuro 3X i am very pleased. My FATHER suffers from Dimentia and I was interested in purchasing the product, being Alpha ZXT.

    I am in the oil and gas business and have not worked since December 2014. However, I was very interested in the product and was ready to purchase Alpha ZXT for my FATHER. After reading your article and your taking the product that apparently has no effect.

    I believe I will save my money, and continue to hope that the people be put out of business because of people like you who have the guts and willingness to speak the TRUTH!! Amen Brother, Thank you for saving me a lot money and much heartbreak from another fake product.
    Oh by the way Johnny Depp is surprisingly advertising this propduct now.

  57. I almost purchased Alpha ZXT after reading the testimonials of numerous celebrities. I decided first to do a little research and found your site which debunks the amazing claims of numerous celebs.

    Do you know if any of the high profile people “pushing” Alpha ZXT are being compensated by the manufacturer?

  59. Very grateful for your work. You can’t imagine my annoyance when I realized midway through the article that I was reading an advertisement, when I thought it was a legitimate piece from the Huffington Post.

  60. Thanx Rob! and I wanted to let you know I did as you asked and liked you on FB to help keep you online and doing such a great service for all of us.
  61. I almost purchased this product ~ credit card in hand, then the laptop froze for a moment. Froze long enough for me to grab my Tab and research the product….leading me here.

    Needless to say after reading this thread, I did not and will not purchase Alpha ZXT
  62. I was just about to order one bottle to try it out, but then I decided to search reviews on Internet. I am glad I didn’t order it.

  63. I think this site and all the comments are a scam too because every date is today and furthermore the times are LATER ON TODAY! lolol what a joke. Not surprised either that every comment is a “praising” one, just as YOU ROB claim the scamming articles contain.

    Very clever pshhhhhhhh. Now, have fun blocking this comment and probably every other REAL one submitted 😀

    1. Here you go buddy, I just approved your comment 🙂 What you say to that?

      1. Here’s what I have to “say,”

        You “replied” to you it, but didn’t address my concern.. Still seeming clever..

        Why do the dates not concur with REAL time? I took a screenshot from my apple computer which has the date and time up top….

        Want to see>>?? Check your email 😀
        1. The site uses Greenwich Mean Time, which is 4 hours ahead of my Eastern Standard Time zone. So for instance, I’m writing this comment at 6:21 pm local time, and it will show up on the site as having been posted at 10:21pm.

          No story here, Chris. Sorry to disappoint.


          1. Rob, I’ll back you up on that… yours and many other sites do the same thing regarding time zone. Some will pay the extra money for determining time zone of user and adjust all times accordingly, but it’s probably not worth it or affordable for you.

            I too was skeptical in the claims in the ads, and hate that Yahoo! lets them post ads that look like links to news stories to lure people in to sites selling this crap.
  64. Thanks for this review.

    You almost didn’t need to post an actual review – but thanks for doing it anyway. With so much scam involved in the advertising, it was definitely not a surprise to find the pills didn’t work as claimed.

  65. Great Expose! Thank You.
    It now seems John Deep is going to Jail for 10 years for having Alpha ZXT in DownUnder Land.
    ( as per Yahoo news ) What a Joke!

    Have an AWLSOME Day…

  66. Rob, I’m confused. In the article you say you tested AlphaZXT but in the comments you say you have not tried it.

    What am I missing here?
    1. Old comment Craig, at the time the comment was posted i hadn’t tried it at that point. I need to edit them to reflect the fact that i have now.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Have you tried the new TestoGen?

        Would you recommend stacking a Test booster and an HGH booster? If so, which HGH booster do you recommend?

        1. Hey Craig,

          I haven’t tried it, but I did some research and wrote up a review. Check it out here. A Testosterone Booster with an HGH releaser is a great stack. Go with HyperGH 14X.


  67. It’s funny because if you look at the comments of that page, they all say the same date. Well actually the current date for everyone of them

  68. Nice work and thanks. I knew the comments were fake just by reading the names.

    What i DIDN”T know was the shady advertising. Good job and keep it up.

    I don’t have twitter or Facebook so this is all I can do. thumbs up
  69. Thanks for the heads up!!!! I would have bought it aand beeen dissapointed. Im glad i read your review first.

  70. When I read claims that it could double your IQ overnight or increase it 400%, I knew something was seriously bogus. So an average person with a 100 IQ is going to turn into someone with one of the highest IQs in history of 200 overnight and this isn’t headline news in every media source?

    And 400% would turn him into someone with the ridiculously impossble IQ of 400? No one has ever gone beyind the low 200s before, and more likely not beyond the high 100s.

    Their market is obviously not reasonably intelligent people who can do simple math and who know a bit about intelligence testing.
  72. just saw ad. for alpha zxt .. they claim ..david letterman.. has used this product the last 10 years … whoa ! wonder if true ….
    1. It’s not haha. Can you send me a link to the page you saw if you can find it?

  73. You’d have to gave an IQ that could be doubled to fall for the line it will double your IQ. That 122 quoted boosted value means they started off at 61. That means as adults, if the are diligent, they will be considered slow rather than retarded. If a pill could take average IQ 95-105 people and turn them into geniuses they’d put it in the drinking water, that is until some genius told them the effect of too many geniuses on society…

  74. I think its certainly interesting when companied use foolish methods to sell gloco water. Call me keep this site open. 405-822-XXXX
    P.s.thanks for saving me money, David Letterman is taking it, is the ad I seen

  75. Thanks for exposing this product. I’ve used supplements for many years and now that I’m much older, I’m more careful what I put in my body.

    Sure, my memory isn’t what it used to be, but I’d rather use something that really helps rather than just pretends to help.
  76. Thanks for the advise. I’ve never tried any brain supplements, only recently have I though about trying them.

    The only thing is I’m from the UK and I think the one’s you have tried and tested are not available in the UK. any advise on what to do would be appreciated.
  77. I haven’t tried AlphaZXT but I wanted to mention that there is another product called Addium that is advertised with almost the exact same ad as AlphaZXT almost word for word.From what I could find out is they are from two different companies and have different ingredients but are running the same ad.Whats up with this?
    1. Hey Michael,
      Yup, we exposed that one too. It’s not uncommon for competitors to see what each others advertising strategy is, and many of them will attempt to mimic that.

  78. Very helpful
    Just saved me $149
    Thank you
    This is an amazing site for to get another veiw besides all the marketing CRAP they sell us to buy a product ( thank God for the Internet ) now even someone with very average intelagence can keep themselves from being scamed with a little time and a smart phone!
    Once again THANK YOU
    Todd F

  79. Hey Rob,
    Great write up. I constantly make the same effort to friends and family that fall for such blatantly far fetched advertising.

    Glad to know there is some one else who can see a product for what it is through the integrity of it’s marketing. If the product was truly a wonder, you wouldn’t have to falsify it’s greatness.

    It’s not like Google won’t discredit and fake quotations or photo shopped magazine covers for you in about 5 seconds flat. Lol.

    Keep up the good work.
  80. I tired the Alpha zxt and got no results. Upon trying to get a return authorization I’ve found they don’t answer e-mails or pick up the phone.

    I’m warning anyone that this is a scam, in my opinion, and I feel ripped off since I may be out 150.00 unless the card company will help out.
    1. Hey Gene,

      Definitely talk to your credit card company. They may not refund what you’ve already spent, but they’ll definitely make sure they can’t charge you any more.

  81. I have been using Intelligence Enhancer for many years. It is a Swanson Vitamin product, available by internet or 800 number.

    It has similar ingredients to OptiMind. No caffeine.

    I am a registered pharmacist for 40 years, now retired, because I can not remember how to get to work. Just kidding.

    Love what Rob Miller is doing.
  82. Rob, people are asking if you tried it, because in the article above, you say “we’ve ordered a bottle and will begin testing right away”….. so was there a change in plans? Although I’m sure it’s a scam, I would like to hear your thoughts/results.

    1. Hey Sam,

      You’re right. I see that now.

      I actually did order it, and have it here, but got sidetracked and forgot all about it. I will get to it, but I agree, it’s likely to be the same as the other free trial products, so it’s not really at the top of my list.

      1. I believe that if you (or any body else) is going to give an opinion about any supplement you should tested first, and then comment on it. Talking and giving your “opinion” without testing the product yourself, is unfair to the product and a disservice to your followers.

        1. Hey Peter,

          I respect you’re opinion, and if you’re only interested in hearing from people who’ve tried a supplement, that’s up to you. There’s nothing misleading about my reviews.

          If I haven’t tried a supplement, I don’t attempt to make readers think that I have. With these free trial products, though, the problems are more with the billing procedures and customer service than with the supplement itself.



    Seriously, have you even Googled “Alpha ZXT”? They’re using free-hosting sites to back up their claims, really?!

    I can’t save people from spending their hard earned money on a bullshit supplement, but I can at least try.
  84. Hi Rob.
    This is my first time to your website and so far I like it.

    I also signed up for your free e book. I’m 49yrs old and I was reading your review about Testo Fuel.

    I’m interested in this product.
    On their website for three boxed plus one free box. its $219 dollers and you get free shipping.

    The problem is I’m in Canada and if I did the exchange rate right. $219 UK is $409 Canadian. My wife would kill me if I spent that on four boxes of Testo Fuel.

    Is there any products sold in the USA that is cheaper and somewhat close to Testo Fuel that you can recommend to me.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Kevin,

      I don’t really have a specific recommendation for something cheaper. Most of the quality testosterone boosters I know of are in the same price range.

      But there are lots of cheaper options out there. Check out your local GNC or other supplement store.

      Look for something with D-Aspartic Acid.

  85. Hello, I was just checking to see if you tried the Alpha zxt yet? and if those Optimind are really affective?
    1. Hey Michael,

      I haven’t tried Alpha ZXT, and I don’t have any plans to. Products marketed this way pretty much rule themselves out for me. And yes, Optimind is my number one choice.

    1. Hey Donnie,

      I haven’t, but I generally don’t recommend product that over-promise and stretch the truth like this one does.

    1. Hey Motown,

      You would visit their website to place an order. Just make sure you know the terms before you place your order.

      Otherwise you might be on the hook for months worth of this stuff.

  86. have alpha zxt to try.if you have tried please give me your opinion of product,being positive or negative,wether to keep taking or junk it and try better product for brain improvement. thamk you
    1. Hey William,

      I haven’t tried it myself. My recommendation is that you go ahead and try it, but make sure you call and cancel before the end of the 14 day trial. If you’re looking for something better, check out Optimind.

  87. there is a product made from a protein in the Chinese herb Astragalus root they say it is patented. it is marketed by the name T65, sells for $100.00 US, thirty pills. they claim it helps the telomeres on end of chromosomes retain their length resulting in healthier chromosomes so when the body replaces all of it’s cells they don’t degrade as happens otherwise. what is the bottom line on this wonder supplement? Even if true 100% I can’t afford price unless I can shed this intrusive protection racket called ObamaCare.

    Trying to look for the end of the rainbow Alan.
    1. Hey Alan,

      I haven’t reviewed it myself, but a little research shows an awful lot of articles calling it out as a scam.

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